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Join the start-up company, how much weight you fat? Sohu do not feel busy every day to be tired of the thin and unkempt, studies have shown that joining a startup work weight will be increased significantly, and the work intensity is large, the weight increased more quickly. To this end, Mark again three year two class special small reporters circle of friends struggle in the startup overtime dogs, Qiazhiyisuan, the 5 since joining start-up companies, a total increase of more than 100 pounds of weight, for Chinese obese population and Red Bull leader in sales was put on the thick and heavy in colours a pen. In the opportunity and the weight fly startups, what they experience?! @ meow meow son to join the venture company for 1 years, in Beijing, the contents of operation, female 98 pounds to 110 pounds in weight increase of 12 pounds "as a start-up company in the contents of operation, 8 hours a day working hours is not enough! From the morning after the topic will be 7, 8 article to start the trial yesterday cumulative review, the noon meal just lightly two, began to write, if the hot spots can be traced, all cannot do without the basic computer desk, if unexpected events in the evening, it will definitely be a a sleepless night, oh, right, I have not had sex in half." In advocating the "content is king, hot will find the new media industry, sedentary is normal, fat rate as high as 69.07%, science magazine PLOS ONE has done a work on the strength and weight growth relationship research, found that sitting in front of the computer work is the direct cause of obesity, but the new media industry and sales industry practitioners will be less than 500 calories per day, for example, the new media editor of this line is equivalent to eating two Zinger Burger more than other industry practitioners everyday! But other industries are not necessarily fat rate than the new media industry is low, because of busy business customers, make them more calories, alcohol, and start-up companies busy expanding sales channels, especially @ Yang Shuai join venture company for 1 years, Shenzhen, sales partner, male 140 pounds to 165 pounds in weight increase of 25 pounds have already done half of the sales channel development, a multitasker, the first day of work bench do not warm, directly to accompany clients to drink until midnight, to complete a business contract index, by the end of about 10000000 of the company’s sales KPI, my brain every infinite loop, a purpose, must work hard to take the new year, I am now hangover, miss just into the light to fly the white boy." Although the customer does not directly lead to accompany drinking you fat, but often people who drink less frequently than those who drank a monthly average of 2000 calories, because after drinking will increase appetite, and most people in the hangover will often be biased towards the fried unhealthy food for breakfast to choose. Of course, not only drink will lead to increased appetite, more overtime dog’s appetite is due to increased work pressure and lack of sleep. For example, @Levio joined the start-up company for six months, Shanghai, "相关的主题文章: