Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital launched expert outpatient service on S-bloxorz

Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital expert outpatient service   launched Sunday; convenient — people.com.cn Jiangsu channel: original title: people.com.cn patients provincial hospital expert outpatient service doctor usually go to work on Sunday launched a leave is not convenient, at the end of the week and the clinic expert outpatient service. In order to facilitate people workers, foreign patients such as medical treatment, outpatient medical institutions of Jiangsu province "the biggest" — Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, recently launched a new service initiatives, from the beginning of October 16th, starting Sunday morning, Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital expert outpatient service. 1-9 month outpatient over 3 million for 15 consecutive years, the Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital outpatient volume has been ranked first in the province, 2015 outpatient amounted to more than 472 people, the hospital ranked eighth. The latest data show that 1-9 months this year, the total number of outpatient and emergency services reached 3 million 420 thousand people, the highest daily outpatient visits amounted to more than 20096 people. Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital outpatient department deputy director Sun Yunfei said, in the face of this situation, the hospital constantly launched outpatient service measures, in order to facilitate the medical treatment of patients. Launched on Sunday morning to crowd expert outpatient service convenient office workers, patients in the field hospital, hospital Monday to Saturday open enough to ensure all specialist, special disease specialist, dedicated to the creation of "Sunday morning mobilization expert outpatient service", usually not easy to hang up the number of "hot" experts concentrated on Sunday morning, the implementation of full reservation. Modern Express reporter learned that the expert outpatient service Sunday will arrange more than 200 experts, they are in the old Chinese medicine of noble character and high prestige, it is difficult to find a number of experts, there are "hot outpatient expert", national key specialists, focus on special disease experts, the characteristics and advantages of disease experts is Zuozhen, Sun Yunfei said, set up expert outpatient service at the same time, clinic inspection, medicine and other windows are open on Sunday morning to ensure synchronization, hospital medical experience does not discount. In addition, the establishment of foreign patients in a hospital outpatient service building, through the field the patient guidance, experts recommend, inspection, emergency medicine channels and other measures to improve the opening of Easy Access, outside the hospital patients experience, and constantly improve the ability of outpatient service. Many famous experts allow patients to find a familiar doctor hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, is one hard to find, in order to alleviate the situation, hospitals are constantly exploring new ways of registration. Sun Yunfei introduces, at present the hospital to establish a unified source pool, open all the sections, all physicians ("appointment" director and deputy director general, etc.), to meet the different levels of physician patient needs, let patients find familiar familiar doctor. (An Ying) (commissioning editor Geng Zhichao and Zhang Xin) 江苏省中医院推出周日专家门诊 方便患者就医–人民网江苏频道–人民网 原标题:省中医院推出周日专家门诊 平时上班看病请假不方便,到了周末专家门诊又不开诊了。为了方便上班族、外地患者等人群看病,作为江苏省医疗单位门诊量的“最大户”――江苏省中医院,近日又推出新的服务举措,从10月16日开始,江苏省中医院启动周日上午专家门诊。 1-9月门诊量超300万 连续15年,江苏省中医院的门诊量一直排名全省第一,2015年门急诊量达472万余人次,全国综合医院排行第八。最新数据显示,今年1-9月,门急诊总量已达342万人次,最高日门诊量达20096多人次。 江苏省中医院门诊部副主任孙云飞表示,面对这种情况,医院不断推出门诊服务举措,以方便患者就医。 推出周日上午专家门诊 为了方便上班族、外地患者等人群看病,医院在确保周一至周六开足所有的专科、专病、专家门诊外,专门开设“周日上午专家门诊”,动员平时不太容易挂上号的“热门”专家集中安排在周日上午,实行全预约。现代快报记者了解到,周日的专家门诊将安排200多名专家,他们中有德高望重的名老中医,有一号难求专家、有门诊“热门专家”、有国家重点专科专家、重点专病专家、优势特色病种专家等现场坐诊, 孙云飞表示,开设专家门诊的同时,门诊检查、取药等窗口也同步开放,确保周日上午来院患者就医体验不打折扣。另外,在医院门诊一楼设立“外地患者服务处”,通过外地患者就诊指导、专家推荐,检查、取药应急通道等措施,开通绿色通道,改善外地患者就诊体验,不断提高门诊服务能力。 让病人找熟悉的医生看病 省中医院很多知名专家都是“一号难求”,为了缓解这种状况,医院也在不断摸索新的挂号方式。孙云飞介绍,目前医院建立统一的号源池,开通全部科室、全部医师(“全预约”主任、副主任、普通号)等,满足病人就诊不同级别医师的需求,让熟悉的病人找到熟悉的医师看病。( 安莹) (责编:耿志超、张鑫)相关的主题文章: