Jian Wang 3 style knife first test today and the new mission in the world to experience vidalia

Jian Wang 3 style knife first test today and the new mission in the world the first to experience the "sword net 3" annual information film today opened the first test service experience, 13:00 issued the activation code, while opening a new epic uncharted arena team and play gestos alchemist. The team in the history of the real existence of Datang fam based on the Royal Garden "Shangyanggong, grand scale, and Palace of the Earth, garden, towers and other three-dimensional space, bring into, such as fire attack points, also will become the leader of many bid farewell to the stage. The first trailer released preview together! Click to receive "sword net 3"   "character; the knife" beta activation activation code distribution time: 13:00 service experience service: 16:00 address: activation update: 10 September 19th 25, China Shangyanggong team fam temple, Shangyanggong, double Yao Ting, the first alchemist content of September 26th update: new martial sword, the sword 5 fam Pavilion, the second batch of Xiyan alchemist contents, martial skills adjust the following update: the third batch of Luoyang City, and other content articles in the world play the alchemist [the first demo] new alchemist attacking play today, the highly anticipated life arena gameplay will also meet with the paladin, the first open Yangzhou map, and in the subsequent the experience of service, continue to update the test Mingjiao Wudu, cangyun, Tiance and so on in the world Scene. In the world of open experience based on the surface technology in the world without the need to read the map can be achieved with the normal world to switch back and forth. The world is rooted in the traditional China karma philosophy with separate rules of the game and self-contained ecological environment, even the clouds layer and weather effects are not the same. In the world, Paladin can challenge is not the same as the story line, explore the map, and the unknown enemy. Meet the moon, such as Yu Qing Princess once missed itinerant character. The world has its own world leader. Through to their gossip strategies, can also be in the necromancer summons the world of soul to the real world, the soul strength is stronger, the more likely to get a rare rose stone. [new] fam Shangyanggong open test today "sword net 3" new "style knife" will reproduce the whole process of the recovery of Luoyang Datang coalition. Down two years, Xu Anqing in East Luoyang Patriciding emperor, shocked. Don King sent famous King Li and marshal Guangping Vice Marshal Guo Ziyi led the army and the North Huihe reinforcements to the occupation army in Changan, Luoyang on the Langya, intended to recover two beijing. After the successful recovery of Changan and south of Taiyuan Tiance coalition army and military soldiers cangyun Whitehorse, ready to recover Luoyang. Follow up a victory with hot pursuit. The same mountain wolf adviser Xu Guidao Cao Yanlie set strategy, to persuade Anqing to drop the name of Tang Xu in Shangyanggong lining nets above and snares below, in the Tang Dynasty, Wang Li Guangping boss to sign a surrender. To kill Li, forcing the boss killed allied retreat. The arena and line toward the hall line mass famous enmity will outbreak in Luoyang. Li Li looks into the Shangyanggong surrender, and Li Fu and the ghost cangyun Tiance coalition escort, Guo Yan, Guo Zhu and Yin Gai on track.相关的主题文章: