Inventory Xiwang food 5 billion MampA how to beat the LBO King-wharfedale

Inventory Xiwang food 5 billion cross-border mergers and acquisitions of transnational mergers and Acquisitions: 5 billion how to defeat the king: Chinese LBO company is how to defeat the "LBO king"? For ang "we changed the restructuring plan, the acquisition of the main changes by the listed company Xiwang Group is a subsidiary of Xiwang food (000639)." When the world’s largest sports health care products company — to sit at the negotiating table Canada Cole (Kerr), the negotiators that a sudden change was undaunted. Foreign mergers and acquisitions of listed companies not only need to know more of the Department for approval, acquisition time and uncertainty of risk will be greatly increased, but after including financial audit, net survey of all preparations are almost to reinvent the wheel. Thought for a long time, the other negotiators face anger, "negotiations", and all stand up and leave. Xiwang Group CEO, Xiwang food chairman Wang Di never thought the acquisition of Canada Cole (Kerr), the first day of talks between the two sides will collapse. The company spent tens of millions of dollars to hire a number of intermediaries, negotiations have just begun to fall into deadlock. The talks took place in May 2016. From the Xiwang Group issued a merger invitation for a month or so. In October 17, 2016, Xiwang food (000639) held a shareholders’ meeting, approved $730 million (equivalent to approximately RMB 4 billion 870 million yuan) holding Canadian Kohls Corp. This marks the beginning of the acquisition of assets into the delivery process. But today, recalled the entire M & a process, Wang Di is still full of drama. In just six months time, Xiwang food (000639) halfway blaze, but in one fell swoop defeated a "leveraged buyout king" of the KKR and other institutions, including the domestic first-line more than and 20 competitors, to Tunxiang way of restructuring of the world’s largest sports health care products company. It’s all about six months ago. The way out "in deciding whether to bid for Canada’s Kohls Corp, the first my judgment is that the bid first in line with the strategic planning." Xiwang Group Chairman Wang Yong said, has been, Xiwang Group is committed to become the first brand of high-end Chinese health food. To this end, the company over the years on the global investment projects. In 2016 April, Xiwang Group from the open market information to Canada Cole (Kerr) the company will sell the news, immediately began to investigate the external market organization. In the survey, Wang Di learned that Cole (Kerr) was founded in 1998, headquartered in Ontario, Canada, is the world’s largest sports health products company, in the North American market share as high as 40%. The main product is a kind of protein increase muscle, a kind of diet supplements before and after exercise, the third category is the weight management products. The company in 2016 1-5 months, operating income of about 1 billion 285 million yuan, operating profit of about RMB 240 million yuan. After investigation, Xiwang Group decision-making are of the view that this is a potential investment project. However, including the chairman Wang相关的主题文章: