Indiscriminate open high beam violation driver fined 1 minutes to see the lights 6 into netizens agr-noreply

Indiscriminate beam illegal drivers fined 1 minutes to see the lights 6 percent of users agree according to the Chinese voice of "peak Evening News" reported that last night, Shenzhen police "/" rectification indiscriminate beam behavior. Shenzhen police official release from micro-blog pictures, checked to indiscriminate beam owners need to sit in a "green chair", experience by light irradiation in a minute. In addition to experience indiscriminate beam headlights, the owners will be fined 300 yuan and deducted 1 points. The move sparked heated online debate, some voices questioned, let the owners on the light punishment is harmful to health, not to "violence"; some netizens believe that after the experience, the owners will not be indiscriminate beam, recommended to the country. In this regard, how do you see? For the treatment of indiscriminate beam behavior, you have what good advice? Netizen: @Sword-unsheathing: it’s been a long time coming. But what such punishment is harmful to health, not violence. As long as the experience is all the way light is shone, eyes couldn’t see the road ahead, you will think: This is not a punishment. Because many people do a dumb understand, only drive yourself can see the road ahead! As for the opposite to the car in front of the car, can not see clearly, they are not to regard it as right. @ little little: see someone comments "so stare, hurt the eyes" comments I Oh, first you hit the headlights, sometimes will harm others for a lifetime, you are sitting there to see a minute to have much loss? Secondly, to sit there and look at the mess is open far, innocent? Also, please have compassion for who is illegal prior to the people, do not deserve sympathy. The results of the survey: more than 60% of the netizens agree governance light: micro-blog users @ 8862: Mr. K should give a minute one minute low beam, high beam, and a minute near light flash cross, and then write a look after feeling. Micro-blog users @ smile if a gust of wind: no way, to promote the formation of some strict laws and strict punishment of morality. Micro-blog users @ from no beer barbecue noodles edamame live: now is the most effective way of punishment, penalty to you fear, with penalties for drunk driving, certainly not enough to rely on education. Micro-blog users @ Sword: it’s been a long time coming. But what such punishment is harmful to health, it is not violence with violence, most have not experienced all the way light is shone, eyes couldn’t see the road ahead…… Some netizens said that doing so is outside the law punishment suspect: micro-blog users @ a river wide wave: "strongly opposed to illegal ways" punishment "illegal behavior"! China’s "road traffic safety law" the relevant provisions are very clear, and not as the case of "experiential punishment" provisions. The people did not have any privilege beyond the law. The traffic police enforcement must also "the law", "absolutely not to a is a". Micro-blog users @ Guanglu Ann: this approach is rather than harm to indiscriminate beam drivers experience the light, as it is almost cruel this way to punish the driver, because the beam damage on the human body even three years old kid knows. There are many ways to punish the driver,.

乱开远光灯违规司机被罚看灯1分钟 6成网友赞同据中国之声《新闻晚高峰》报道,昨晚,深圳交警出“大招”整治乱开远光灯行为。从深圳交警官方微博发布的图片看,被查到乱开远光灯的车主需要坐到一把“绿椅子”上,体验被远光灯照射一分钟。除了体验远光灯之外,乱开远光灯的车主还会被罚300元并扣1分。此举引发网络热议,有声音质疑,让车主对视强光有害健康,处罚不能以“以暴制暴”;还有网友相信,在经过亲身体验之后,车主就不会乱开远光灯了,建议推广到全国。对此,你怎么看?对于治理乱开远光灯行为,您还有哪些好建议?网友留言:@Sword-unsheathing:早就该这样了。——别说什么这样的处罚有害健康,不能以暴制暴。只要体验一下一路上都是远光灯、眼睛被照得完全看不清前方路的情况,你就觉得:这个处罚并不为过了。因为很多人的确装着明白装糊涂,只顾着自己开车能看见眼前的路啊!至于前面的车、对面来的车能不能看清楚,他们根本不以为然。@小小小小:看到有人评论“这么盯着看,伤眼睛”的评论我就呵呵了,首先你打远光灯,有时会害别人一辈子,你原地坐那里看一分钟能有多大损失?其次,能坐在那看的都是乱开远光的,无辜吗?还有,请大家把怜悯之心留给值得的人,违法违规在先的人,不值得同情。调查结果:超过六成的网友赞同治理远光灯:微博网友@ k先生8862:应该给个一分钟近光灯,一分钟远光灯,再送一分钟近远光灯互闪,然后罚写一份看后感。微博网友@ 微笑如若一阵风:没办法的办法,要用严法严罚促进一些道德的形成。微博网友@ 离了烤肉啤酒毛豆就没法活的面条:现在最有效的办法就是处罚,罚到你怕,跟处罚酒驾一样,光靠教育肯定不够。微博网友@ Sword:早就该这样了。——别说什么这样的处罚有害健康,不能以暴制暴,那多数是没有体验过一路上都是远光灯、眼睛被照得完全看不清前方路的情况……也有部分网友表示这么做有法外处罚的嫌疑:微博网友@ 一条大河波浪宽:强烈反对“以违法的方式”处罚“违法的行为”!我国《道路交通安全法》的相关规定十分清楚明确,并没有像本案“体验式处罚”的条文。任何人没有超越法律的特权。交警执法同样必须“有法可依”,万万不能“想一出是一出”。微博网友@ 安广禄:这种办法与其说是让乱开远光灯的司机体验远光灯的危害,不如说是用这种近乎残酷的办法来惩罚司机,因为远光灯对人体的危害连三岁小孩都知道。惩罚司机的办法有多种,为什么非要采取这种对人体是有伤害的办法?微博网友@ 河小海:支持加大惩罚力度 扣分罚款都可以 但不支持这种看远光灯的行为,对视力会有影响的。相关的主题文章: