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In "three confidence" lifts "Chinese magnificent dream" – Sohu news confidence, is a national development and revitalization of the people is the soul of the people. Historical experience has proved that the nation without self-confidence has no hope, and the cause of lack of confidence is difficult to succeed. Since the new central collective leadership has been in power for three years, general secretary Xi Jinping has stressed in many important speeches that we should adhere to road confidence, theoretical confidence and institutional confidence. He pointed out that the trinity of roads, theories and systems and the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the most distinctive feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the powerful spiritual force to realize the "Chinese dream" of national rejuvenation. People see that in recent years, China has encountered many domestic and foreign problems, overcome difficulties risk is not small, but we always unswervingly promote China characteristic socialism, undivided attention and dedication, unremitting efforts towards the target. We have made new achievements, a very important reason is, adhere to the "three confidence" unwavering. Road choice is about success or failure. In the face of the complicated international and domestic situation, what is China going to do? High attention at home and abroad. The practice that in more than three years: do not take the old rigid closed, do not go astray ‘transformation, but the straight road, the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Our work has always been around the modernization goal, around the people’s lives better and promote. We should not only adhere to the economic construction as the center, but also comprehensively promote the economic, political, cultural, social and ecological civilization construction; adhere to the four cardinal principles, adhere to the reform and opening up; emancipate and develop the productive forces, attach importance to common prosperity, and promote the all-round development of human beings. It can be said that on the road issue, Chinese people have a high degree of consensus. At the same time, the foreign public opinion not only praises China’s achievements, but also has more and more understanding and affirmation to the Chinese road. As Kissinger said, the vitality shown by China is one of the wonders of the world. Theoretical guidance determines the direction of action. During the past three years, with the practice of modernization construction, the party’s theoretical innovation has been continuously pushed forward. In the face of new problems, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed that to practical problems, China’s reform and opening up and modernization construction in what we are doing as the center, focusing on the use of Marx theory, focusing on the theoretical thinking of practical problems, focus on the new practice and new development. From the formulation of the "four comprehensive" strategic layout to the "five major development concepts", we have a more profound understanding of the laws of modernization. Not only the overall layout, coordination and promotion, but also the specific path and the form of realization, we show that we have reached a new height in the application of Marx’s standpoint, viewpoint and method. Our party is a party that pays attention to the construction of theory, and is a party who is good at combining theory with practice. Socialism with Chinese characteristics not only demonstrates the magnificent progress of China’s peaceful rise, but also shines the brilliant rays of scientific theory. Providing fundamental guarantee for system construction. The system is the foundation of the country, without good system, it is difficult to achieve national development, revitalization, long-term stability. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out "China special" shortly after the eighteen Party Congress was held

国平:“三个自信”托举壮丽“中国梦” -搜狐新闻  自信,是一个国家发展振兴的民气民魂所在。历史经验证明,没有自信的民族没有希望,缺乏自信的事业难以成功。   新一届中央领导集体执政三年以来,习近平总书记在多次重要讲话中强调,我们要坚持道路自信、理论自信、制度自信。他指出,道路、理论、制度三位一体,统一于中国特色社会主义的伟大实践,这是中国特色社会主义的最鲜明特征,是实现民族复兴的“中国梦”的强大精神力量。   人们看到,这几年,我国遇到内政外交棘手问题不少,攻坚克难风险不小,但我们始终坚定不移地推进中国特色社会主义伟大事业,一心一意、专心致志,朝着既定目标不懈努力。我们之所以取得新成就,一个极其重要的根由就是,坚持“三个自信”毫不动摇。   道路选择关乎兴衰成败。而面对错综复杂的国际国内形势,中国走什么路?国内外高度关注。三年多来的实践宣示:不走封闭僵化的老路,不走改旗易帜的邪路,而是大道直行,走中国特色社会主义道路。我们的各项工作,始终围绕着现代化目标、围绕着让人民的生活更美好而推进、而展开。既坚持以经济建设为中心,又全面推进经济、政治、文化、社会、生态文明建设;既坚持四项基本原则,又坚持改革开放;既解放和发展生产力,也重视共同富裕、促进人的全面发展。可以说,在道路问题上,中国老百姓有着高度共识。同时,国外舆论不仅赞美中国的成绩,对中国道路也有越来越多的理解和肯定。正如基辛格所说,中国展现的活力是世界的一大奇观。   理论指导决定行动方向。这三年,伴随着现代化建设的实践,党的理论创新不断向前推进。面对新矛盾新问题,习近平总书记强调,要以我国改革开放和现代化建设的实践问题、以我们正在做的事情为中心,着眼于马克思主义理论运用,着眼于对实际问题的理论思考,着眼于新的实践和新的发展。从“四个全面”战略布局的制定,到“五大发展理念”的提出,我们对现代化建设的规律有了更加深刻的认识。不仅对总体布局、协调推进,而且对具体路径、实现形式,都胸有成竹,表明我们对马克思主义立场观点方法运用达到新的高度。我们的党是注重理论建设的党,更是善于理论联系实践的党。中国特色社会主义,不仅展示了中国和平崛起的壮丽进程,而且必将闪耀出科学理论的灿烂光芒。   制度建设提供根本保证。制度乃是国家之根本,没有好的制度,很难实现国家发展振兴、长治久安。习近平总书记在党的十八大召开不久就指出,“中国特色社会主义事业不断发展,中国特色社会主义制度也需要不断完善。”这三年,我们坚持把党的领导、人民当家做主和依法治国统一起来,坚持把根本政治制度、基本政治制度同基本经济制度以及各方面制度结合起来。立法监督、执法能力和规范化水平明显提高,可以说这几年,国家管理有序有效,政治社会稳定,人民安居乐业,国家欣欣向荣。当然,中国特色社会主义制度远不是尽善尽美、成熟定型的,正如习近平总书记所说,我们要坚持完善现有制度,从实际出发,及时制定新的制度,构建系统完备、科学规范、运行有效的制度体系。   中国特色社会主义道路、理论、制度,这是经过无数艰辛探索而获得的最宝贵的经验。三个自信,构筑着强国之路,兴国之本,立国之基。(国平)相关的主题文章: