In January, CPI and PPI announced tomorrow that institutional analysis said there was a 2

In January CPI and PPI announced tomorrow agency analysts said breaking the 2 risk and PPI January CPI data released tomorrow (02) prospective Securities Times News Network on Sept. 17 news bureau of statistics will be held tomorrow morning announced in January CPI and PPI data. Guotai Junan believes that in January, CPI has broken 2 risk, but not pessimistic. The structural rise in food prices will fall after the Spring Festival, and global agricultural prices are still on the downward trend, not to worry too much. Global decline in agricultural products continued, the lack of aggregate demand expansion and consistent price expectations. In January, prices of bulk and industrial products continued to fall, and PPI dragged on CPI. National securities is expected in January 2016, CPI growth of 2.2%, PPI fell 5.2%. Shenwan Hong CPI expects a seasonal rise, affected by seasonal factors, CPI an increase of 1.9%; in view of the international commodity prices are expected to decline narrowed, PPI fell 5.2%, the decline narrowed. Gao Hua Securities believes that the high frequency data of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of agriculture showed that the rise in food prices in January was attributed to unfavorable weather conditions. Due to its proximity to the second half of the 1 when food prices rose the most and the bad weather continues to the beginning of the February, February CPI inflation may rise further. It is also expected that by the end of last year, demand for improvement will reduce the PPI decline in January than in December. It is expected that the growth rate of CPI in January will increase from 1.6% in December to 1.9%, after the seasonally adjusted season, the annual growth rate will be 2.7%, which is higher than 2.5% in December. PPI is expected to decline by 5.2% in January, compared with December narrowed. After the implicit seasonal adjustment, the annual decline narrowed from 5.4% in December to 1.9%. (Securities Times Network News Center) into Sina Finance shares bar discussion

1月CPI和PPI明日公布 机构分析称有破2风险   1月CPI和PPI明日公布 数据前瞻   证券时报网()02月17日讯   统计局将于明日上午公布1月CPI和PPI数据。   国泰君安认为,1月CPI有破2风险,但不必悲观。食品价格结构性上涨,春节后将回落,全球农产品价格仍在下滑趋势,不必过于担忧。全球农产品下跌趋势延续,缺乏总需求扩张和一致涨价预期。1月大宗和工业品等生产资料价格持续下跌,PPI对CPI拖累持续。   民族证券预计,2016年1月CPI同比增长2.2%,PPI同比下降5.2%。   申万宏源预计,CPI季节性回升,受季节性涨价因素的影响,CPI同比增加1.9%;鉴于国际大宗商品价格跌幅收窄,预计PPI同比下降5.2%,跌幅收窄。   高华证券认为,商务部和农业部高频数据显示1月份食品价格上涨,归因于不利的天气条件。由于接近1月下半月时食品价格涨幅最大而且恶劣天气持续至2月初,2月份CPI通胀率可能会进一步走高。还预计去年年底需求改善将令1月份PPI降幅较12月份收窄。预计1月份CPI同比增幅将从12月份的1.6%微升至1.9%,隐含的季调后环比折年增幅为2.7%,高于12月份的2.5%。预计1月份PPI同比降幅为5.2%,较12月份有所收窄。隐含的季调后环比折年降幅从12月份的5.4%收窄至1.9%。   (证券时报网快讯中心) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: