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I’m embarrassed to ask, just 1000 bucks to buy what? Sohu – watch for most people the first impression is "precious", many people will think to buy watches are very expensive, often see the Star Cafe, boss industry elite wear are the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of your kind, terrible! But in fact is not, as a watch plus the modern dress is essential, can well meet the people of all classes of different needs, but also watch design the myriads of changes to cater the needs of many fashion people’s daily work and life. In fact, I want to say is 1000, there are so many famous table can be selected! For the students, newly recruited staff, income is not high for the housing office or small car for white-collar workers, spend a lot of money to buy a watch, obviously some luxury or no need to watch, not only tell us the precious time, also tell us are indispensable, if temporarily can not afford the expensive brand-name watches or do not want to change so expensive. Today Xiaobian recommend 3 about one thousand practical and good-looking small brand watches: timex classic original series -TW2P64700 as timex has hundred years history of the United States to watch the first brand, the world famous professional tabulation technology. People close to the price, in order to broaden the market for young people. Simple for it is not only a Timex, design elements, is also a kind of fashion belief. The timex TW2P64700 men’s fashion watch, three o’clock at a small calendar window, 40mm dial size, simple black dial collocation clear large scale display, readability strong. The unique patented Indiglo timex can make the whole night also can dial light, convenient reading, strong practicability, especially for new workplace wear. CASIO EDIFICE series EFR-526D-7AV and a lot of students wearing CASIO, most of them are CASIO g -shock series. The transition from student to worker is not only the change of the ideas on the hands of the best watch or change. G -shock classic and the identification degree is high, but the appearance or omitted point students childishness, and metallic EDIFICE series is to add some flavor to your looks more mature, reliable. The classic three sets of six needle design, white dial with silver white stainless steel body, highlighting the high sense of texture, watch the addition of the elements of the vitality of youth. Rossini yazun business series 5577 workplace than campus, every day dealing with various kinds of people. A low-key look enough Leather Watchband watch, will bring you unexpected good effect. The accuracy of the quartz watch is not sophisticated enough to protect you carefully, presenting your business. Rossini 5577 classic three pin configuration with calendar display, practical simplicity. The dial is decorated with the dark lines of Rossini brand, and the exquisite tabulation process is displayed in the details. Triwa kaleidoscope series!相关的主题文章: