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Hunan province continue to report to Congress: original title: Hunan Province Trust have succeeded in carrying out an assignment of the party representatives continue to report: November 13th net Changsha trust have succeeded in carrying out an assignment news today (November 13th), Hunan Province, the Eleventh Party Congress delegates, with the public voice of the people, full of spirit to come to the station to report. In the report to the scene, the delegates attended the certificate and receive documents, understand the matters needing attention, to prepare for the upcoming conference. As a grass-roots party members, I am honored to be elected as the party, this is a glorious, it is a heavy responsibility." Many delegates have said that in the Congress is very excited, they not only take the aspirations of the people and bring it to the grassroots, to the spirit of this meeting to seriously understand and convey to the broad masses of Party members. Zhao Yuesi hopes Changsha party the Thirteenth Party Congress report put forward the idea of establishing the National Center City to get the support of the whole province. He said that today’s Changsha, total economic output has been ranked in the forefront of the national capital city, the future will be the development of Changsha vision, the transformation from the domestic market to the international trade market, big circulation, the competition in international economy. "Changsha efforts to build a National Center City, will continue to increase Changsha influence, expand the influence of Changsha in the country and the world." The red chrysanthemum said, "I am a representative from the grassroots hospital, the first time to participate in the party, the mood is very exciting." This conference, she is very concerned about the health care reform policy can be put in place. She said that health care reform can not only solve the practical problems of the people for medical treatment, can improve the treatment of the medical staff of the primary. "Health care reform has a direct impact on basic medical and the stability of the team, I am very concerned." "To reflect the most basic we use and management is the rural grass-roots party activity center." From Baojing county Party to stand, the rural grass-roots party activity center is a party platform and carrier, but at present there are mainly construction, light management phenomenon. He suggested that, for the rural grass-roots party activity center, should introduce the corresponding system of file management and use of the provisions, to give full play to the role of activity center. Party Shi Zhiping from Yongshun county to the conference is full of expectations, he said, Xiangxi as the main battlefield of Hunan precise poverty alleviation, the next step will focus on the party’s request, to further increase poverty alleviation efforts, to further protect and improve people’s livelihood, solid work education, employment, medical care, social security and other related to public interests the. In the Congress of Party Representatives is generated through the layers of the election, they are not only outstanding in their respective industries, is the outstanding party representatives. Leading cadres, professional and technical personnel, the rank of advanced models of them, as well as representatives of science education and other fields, with broad representation. Delegates have said that the province is a major event in the political life of the people, they must have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, trust, conscientiously perform their duties on behalf of, not to live up to the expectations of the party and the people, the successful completion of the task of the general assembly, to make a positive contribution to economic and social development in Hunan. (Xiao Yi Liu Yuxian time news reporter Hu Fang)

湖南省党代会代表陆续报到:不辱使命 不负重托 原标题:湖南省党代会代表陆续报到:不辱使命 不负重托红网长沙11月13日讯 今天(11月13日),湖南省第十一次党代会代表们,怀揣着民意民声,精神饱满地来到驻地报到。在报到现场,代表们领取出席证和文件资料,了解注意事项,为即将召开的大会作准备。“作为一名基层党员,我很荣幸当选为党代表,这既是一份光荣,更是一份沉甸甸的责任。 ”许多党代表都表示,参加此次党代会很激动,他们不仅要把基层百姓的心声带到会上,更要把此次会议的精神认真领会并向广大党员群众传达好。党代表赵跃驷希望长沙市第十三次党代会报告提出的建立国家中心城市构想能得到全省的支持。他介绍,今天的长沙,经济总量已经排在全国省会城市前列,未来长沙将把发展的视野,从国内的内需市场转化到国际外贸市场,参与国际经济的大循环、大竞争。“长沙着力打造国家中心城市,将会不断提高长沙的影响力,扩大长沙在全国乃至全球的影响。”党代表向红菊说,“我是来自基层医院的代表,第一次参加党代会,心情非常激动。”这次大会,她十分关心医改政策能否落实到位。她介绍,医改不仅能解决老百姓就医的实际困难,还能改善基层医务人员的待遇问题。“医改的好坏直接影响基层医疗队伍的稳定,我很关注。”“基层向我们反映最多的就是农村基层党务活动中心的使用和管理。”来自保靖县的党代表向立介绍,农村基层党务活动中心是党员活动的平台和载体,但目前都存在着重建设、轻管理的现象。他建议,针对农村基层党务活动中心,应该出台相应的制度性文件和使用管理规定,让活动中心充分发挥作用。来自永顺县的党代表石治平对大会充满期待,他说,湘西作为湖南精准扶贫的主战场,下一步将围绕党代会上提出的要求,进一步加大扶贫攻坚力度,进一步保障和改善民生,扎实做好教育、就业、医疗、社会保障等事关群众切实利益的各项工作。参加此次党代会的党员代表们是通过层层选举产生的,他们不仅是各自行业的佼佼者,更是优秀的党员代表。他们中有领导干部、专业技术人员、基层一线先进模范人物,也有科教文卫体等领域的代表,具有广泛的代表性。代表们纷纷表示,党代会是全省人民政治生活中的一件大事,他们一定不辱使命,不负重托,认真履行代表职责,不辜负党和人民的期望,圆满完成大会各项任务,为湖南经济社会发展作出积极贡献。(时刻新闻记者 胡芳 肖懿 刘玉先)相关的主题文章: