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HUAWEI Zhu Ping: Mate9 consolidate domestic sales of the first throne into the end of the year, the domestic smart phone field is facing reshuffle. How to get rid of homogenization, price war and how to make more innovative products have become the top priority of the manufacturers! Not long ago, HUAWEI released its heavy product – Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro, which triggered a heated debate. After the conference, we interviewed Mr. Zhu Ping, President of HUAWEI consumer business Greater China, and listen to how he is looking at the development of HUAWEI and how to maintain the first position of domestic sales. Mr. Zhu Ping, President of HUAWEI’s consumer business in Greater China, an interview with long-distance runners HUAWEI Q3 continue to sell the first, the third quarter of the Chinese market sales data has been released. Statistics from the GFK point of view, the third quarter of HUAWEI is still in the first position in the domestic smart phone sales. For the data itself, Mr Zhu Ping thinks about consulting data is just a reference, more is a reference for HUAWEI own business decisions, with full respect for each HUAWEI consulting data, but the business from the health point of HUAWEI pay more attention to the number of sell according to the out, but also pay more attention to the healthy development of their own. HUAWEI’s first Mate9 queue to queue up for HUAWEI phones, the competition in the field of smart phones can actually be likened to a long-distance race, rather than sprint. For example, running a marathon, do not care about a moment in front of a person to go. Even went to the front of HUAWEI that is not afraid of. Because this is a long run, HUAWEI will grasp every rhythm, continuous force, to see who can be in the future can also run down. In fact, in the mobile phone industry has appeared once the industry leader instant collapse of the empire can continue to do big things, what is the real success of the standard. Obviously, HUAWEI is not an instant success, not a hope overnight, they continued efforts and progress, adhere to quality strategy, build a craftsman spirit; these are the enterprise’s sustainable development ideas, as a marathon type player mentality. Sales lead from the user’s experience with intensive and meticulous farming industry leader record more marathon type player mentality, it is not difficult to explain why HUAWEI is long-term in the domestic smart mobile phone sales in the first position. Of course, Mr. Zhu Ping also reveals the key elements of our HUAWEI can achieve today’s performance is in the user experience on the intensive and meticulous farming. First, broaden the channels. HUAWEI prefecture level city experience store now has nearly 500, the layout of the county in the first half of next year will be completed more than 1000 counties coverage. In addition, HUAWEI service shops in cities, and some counties have reached nearly 600, while HUAWEI has more than 3 thousand home runs together with partner service acceptance points, now covering more than 1 thousand counties. From these data, HUAWEI’s channel in recent years has been growing steadily, but not only is the growth in the number, but the key is to enhance the practical experience of consumers, and partners together to do fine management. HUAWEI Mate9 first pin popular store experience bursting with popularity.相关的主题文章: