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Why do businesses bring in HR consultants? Similar to other business or management specialists, HR consultants help .panies identify any weaknesses they may have when it .es to human capital management, and then work closely with the .pany to develop a plan to optimize their workforce and increase efficiency across the organization as a whole. Consultants can be brought in to address a specific problem or isolated task, to augment an existing internal HR team or department, or to spearhead a larger, .pany-wide initiative. Benefits of engaging an HR expert Businesses of all sizes and all industries can benefit from bringing in a human resources advisor or consultant . .panies just starting out might consider hiring a consultant to help them build an internal HR infrastructure. A larger business may need help responding to a class-action lawsuit. An international .pany might hire a consultant who specializes in global HR to help them establish a location in a new country. A mid-size employer looking to attract higher-quality candidates may bring in an HR expert to help build a more robust benefits offering or professional development program. Engaging an HR expert can have many benefits: An outside consultant brings a fresh perspective to your organization, and can more objectively assess your current needs. Consultants normally begin by assessing an organizations employee policies and procedures and can identify any potential labor and employment law .pliance concerns. HR consultants are able to advise .pany executives and leadership on a wide range of matters to increase employee productivity. Services provided by HR consultants Consultants who specialize in HR can provide a variety of services, ranging from more administrative functions like payroll, risk management and/or employee benefits to more strategic functions like succession planning, employee retention and/or change management, or may even provide a .bination of administrative and strategic services. Depending on the scope of the project, businesses may engage a consulting firm for just a few weeks, or for several months or even a year or longer. Many large .panies choose to engage consultants on an ongoing basis to provide continuing guidance and expertise. Specific services may include: Conducting HR .pliance audits Writing employee policies or an employee handbook Designing more efficient HR procedures Assessing employee performance Developing a new or modified organizational chart Creating a succession plan Implementing a more effective management strategy Conclusion The best human resources consulting firms provide businesses with a more responsive human capital management plan, one that can be adapted and applied across the organization. This plan should not only address an organizations current needs, but also be designed to help businesses reach their future goals. The ultimate goal of an HR consultant is to put strategies in place that allow the client to enjoy lasting success. 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