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Certification-Tests The HP2-K37 Selling HP Storage Solutions and Services largest growing sector in our economy currently is the Information Technology (IT) sector. Individuals are eagerly pursuing their careers in this field and HP is providing a platform for such thriving individuals who are related to the distribution and sales of their storage offerings. HP has always kept customer satisfaction their main goal which they aim towards and thus certified individuals will help improve customer service and problems that HP buyers face. Selling HP Storage Solutions and Services is offering candidates the basic skills to sell HP storage solutions and services by describing and differentiating products from .petitors and this certificate course is only offered by HP. Exam Details The course being offered by HP is Selling HP Storage Solutions and Services, exam code is HP2-K37 Selling HP Storage Solutions and Services. Anyone is eligible to apply for the course as long as they have 1 year past experience of selling HP storage solutions and services. Exam Training Selling HP Storage Solutions and Services aims to provide fundamental knowledge to individuals who wish pursue their careers by selling HP storage solutions and services to their customers, they can be sales representatives and presales consultants. Application for the certificate course is online with minimal requirement of only one year of past experience in selling HP products. Institutes provide training and preparation facilities for candidates who wish to appear for the test, however study material is available on the internet such as PDF, practice questions, practice tests and Question and Answers. For More Information: Exam Kill HP provides a study guide designed just for this course, HP Sales Certified- Storage Solutions and Services (2014). The examination consists of 40 questions ranging from Multiple Choice Questions, Matching; Pull down Menu selection and Multiple Choice Questions single response which need to be .pleted in 1 hour. During the examination, HP encourages candidates to make .ments on exam and items to improve their examination type and format. Examination Objectives Once candidates have successfully .pleted the course Selling HP Storage Solutions and Services, exam code HP2-K37 Selling HP Storage Solutions and Services offered by HP, They have attained the following: .plete knowledge of HP Storage products, solutions and services Provide .petitive edge to sell products .pared to fellow sales representatives Enhanced sale skills Increase in volume of sales and customer service to maintain loyal customers Analyze market trends and evaluate target market Explore different HP opportunities Target audience and the Goal of the Exam This certificate course targets those individuals who wish to sell HP storage solutions and services professionally, as they will attain knowledge of the products, they will be able to sell products to merchants and improve customer service as they will be able to highlight product features and differentiate it from .petitor products and services. 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