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How to dress the baby dew temperature increase autumn freeze? Sohu – maternal Jianjia gray, White Dew cream. Dew is the year’s biggest solar term temperature, hot autumn officially receded. At this time a lot of health people will not be advised to premature add clothes, but the baby’s resistance is weak, how to match clothes in order to "autumn freeze"? Appropriate "autumn aspic" enhanced resistance in moderation can let the baby "freeze" in autumn and winter, improve the baby’s tolerance to cold, which helps to improve the baby body resistance. However, if the temperature dropped badly, or to increase clothing at the right time. In general, the clothes add too fast is not good, is not conducive to the exercise tolerance of cold baby. Many parents pay attention to keep warm, but ignore the cold training, causes the baby cold but could not carry colds. But note that according to the weather forecast, the baby clothes. Clinically, many babies are due to wear too much and cold, the baby is in the growth stage of strong body, The new supersedes the old. is very active, body heat and waste than adults, so it is easier to sweat. Dressed, sweat is much, when the baby is quiet, many parents do not have time to replace the wet clothes, while the baby is still in the pores open, very easy to catch a cold wind. Scientific method: dressing back warm belly warm enough to warm and cool mind is to head back: warm cold autumn should pay attention to keep back the "appropriate warm", too warm too easy to sweat, easy to catch a cold cold, warm and cold can reduce the chance of appropriate. Belly warm: stomach is the spleen and stomach, is very important to human health. Cold autumn when we should pay attention to protect the baby’s stomach can not catch a cold, sleep in Dudou, is a good way to keep warm. Warm foot: the foot is Yin and Yang Meridian intersection, on the outside of the most sensitive. The child’s hands and feet to keep warm, in order to ensure that the body adapt to changes in the outside world. Head cool: 13 of the body’s heat is from the head of the divergence, head heat easily lead to upset dizziness and God faint. Cold autumn should pay attention not to prematurely wear a hat to keep the head cool and warm enough, can be refreshed, adequate blood. Cool minded: wearing too much fat, will not only affect the pressure to the chest, breathing with normal heart function, but also easy to cause upset and heat. Autumn frost should not be too early to add too much clothes to the children. Tips: wear many clothes should be decided in the morning, as the weather without mutation, don’t give your baby to wear too much, the morning wearing a vest is a good choice. Do not walk the baby as well as a small amount of activity to wear more baby. A sickly baby should not be blindly "autumn aspic", should do weatherization work相关的主题文章: