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How many of these mistakes are you in? Sohu health in daily life, people often according to the nutritional composition of food, how many people, the food is divided into nutrition and nutrition food. From the classification of food and nutritional characteristics, each kind of food has its nutritional advantages, food is not good or bad. In daily life, people’s understanding of food has the following errors. Rice, flour is better in white rice and wheat husk, divided into aleurone layer, the valley of the embryo and endosperm of four parts from outside to inside, each part of the different nutrients. The outer layer of the valley is rich in cellulose and hemicellulose. The aleurone layer close to the valley of skin, contains protein and vitamin B. The valley is where grain embryo germination, contains rich vitamin B and vitamin E, and fat, protein, carbohydrates and minerals. The endosperm is the center part of the grain, the main ingredient is starch and a small amount of protein. Therefore, brown rice and whole wheat flour of high nutritional value. If the process is too small, will lose a lot of nutrients, especially B vitamins and minerals. Compared with the processing of coarse rice, more white, fine rice and flour in less nutrients. Conclusion: eat less processed refined, color white rice and flour, so as to avoid the lack of vitamins and minerals. Eating carbohydrates easy to gain weight two rice, pasta, potatoes and other carbohydrates, many people think they are fattening food. In fact, the real cause of obesity is excess energy. The three nutrients that provide the body’s energy include carbohydrates, proteins and fats. 1 grams of carbohydrates or protein in the body can produce about 4 thousand calories, the fat can produce a gram of energy of 9 thousand calories, the same weight of fat is about 2.2 times the energy provided by carbohydrates. Therefore, fat is more likely to cause excess energy than carbohydrates. Conclusion: eat carbohydrate rich foods, such as rice products, not easy to cause excess energy make people fat. Staple food to eat as little as possible mistakes three rice and pasta with more carbohydrates, after ingestion can be converted into glucose into the blood circulation and generate energy. Many people in order to reduce the harm caused by high blood sugar, often limit the intake of staple food. Carbohydrates are essential nutrients the human body, the in vivo release of energy quickly, is the only available energy is the main energy of red blood cells, nervous system, heart and muscle activity, composition of body tissues, maintain normal nerve function, system and heart increase endurance, improve work efficiency has important significance. Reasonable diet, carbohydrates provide energy ratio should reach 55% ~ 65%, that is to achieve more than half. Whether carbohydrate or protein and fat, too much intake, will become fat stored in the body. The energy of food carbohydrates is easier to use in the body, and the food fat is more easily converted to fat storage. Conclusion: fat is too much energy accumulation, not eating too much food. Therefore, we should not over emphasize the nutritional characteristics and value of some kind of food, but ignore the principle of sufficiency and moderation,相关的主题文章: