How do the meat to turn the chicken bones Cordyceps chicken soup – Sohu to eat and drink vidalia

How do the meat to turn the chicken bones? Cordyceps chicken soup – Sohu and cattle was the chicken bones left. For hanging soup good yo ~ ~ so the food is used up, the main play the maximum value of the achievement is a delicious soup. Haha, drink 2 bowl huaniu inside a Cordyceps flower. Not warm not cold, is a kind of fungus; rich nutritional value of amino acids and trace elements in the composition of Cordyceps flower is very high. Suitable for daily consumption, whether it is to do the soup, salad can. It is especially suitable for summer drink. A nourishing Quhuo soup was born, Cordyceps chicken soup: Material: Cordyceps, a small chicken leg bone of 2 root, green onions, ginger the amount of seasoning: salt, pepper, the amount of 1 chicken bone washed into the pot, put chopped onion and ginger; add water; 2 Cordyceps use warm water bubble open, wash a few times standby; 3 open fire, skim to boil and bubble; Cordyceps flowers; 4 again after boil, turn a small fire to simmer for 1 hours before the pan; add salt and pepper seasoning. Huaniu? Talk: 1 chicken bone cold water pot to floating foam. 2 Cordyceps foam, must be clean a few times; then soak for a while. Can even bubble water with the pot boil. (the author: Dudu delicacy Jie, flower cattle)相关的主题文章: