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"Home brew" and "burning" sought after, the doctor has said – click on the top up health Sohu can subscribe to the "healthy Hangzhou" oh! In recent years, the burning house fashion leisure with a little wine, friends to invite each other, and as a souvenir to send to friends and relatives, even in a "universal treasure net" and the circle of friends is also a variety of burning shuabing. However, the doctor said: wait a minute! Burning drink acid poisoning 73 year old summer uncle usually like two. A few days ago, he took out last year to soak the two red hot pot, drinking at noon, feel some discomfort in the chest. Did not care, think about taking a nap is good. Which know woke up and still feel chest pain and shortness of breath, started vomiting, vomit dark coffee like liquid. To the hospital emergency in Ling’an City, the uncle has more and more severe shortness of breath. A blood gas analysis report attracted everyone’s attention. PH value is only 7.079, and patients with respiratory alkalosis, which means that the patient desperately breathing compensation, carbon dioxide partial pressure is only 24.2mmHg. Patients with lactic acid were not too high, 3.5mmol L, while the patient had an anion gap of 35mmol L, which did not match elevated lactate. It was confirmed that it was a high anion gap metabolic acidosis. High anion gap metabolic acidosis, which means there is a lot of no organic acids measured into the patient’s body, the most common reasons are: diabetic ketoacidosis, certain drugs such as metformin induced lactic acidosis, liver and kidney dysfunction, lactic acid poisoning etc.. These are all removed, find the murderer — it is summer drink containing uncle burning in methanol! Summer uncle’s daughter told us that the immersion of red bayberry wine burning last year, at the door of the flow stalls to buy, no business license, nor is it found that businesses. After the mechanism of acidosis is understood, the treatment is simple. After two days of treatment with CRRT (bedside blood purification), the patient’s condition became stable. But the 73 year old summer uncle, after the shock, heart liver and kidney function also appeared damaged, discharged from the ICU, including a branch to continue treatment ten genius rehabilitation hospital. Methanol is also called "wood" or "alcohol" is a colorless, volatile liquid alcohol odor. The toxic effect on human body is caused by the formaldehyde and formic acid, which is the main characteristic of central nervous system damage, eye damage and metabolic acidosis. Methanol itself has anesthetic effect, has a direct toxic effect on nerve cells; acid damage of optic papilla and optic nerve, papilledema, optic nerve myelin damage and optic nerve damage; some interference in the metabolism of methanol oxidase, lactic acid and other organic acid accumulation, methanol formic acid metabolites produced, causing metabolic acidosis. The lowest dose of 100mg is 0.3 kg 1g, which can be used to kill the population. If oral intake, there are severe gastrointestinal irritation symptoms. Why the soil will be mixed with methanol, mainly for the following two reasons: 1!相关的主题文章: