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Writing-and-Speaking It is extremely difficult to describe the book Hitch-22: A Memoir By Christopher Hitchens because it appears to be an autobiography in some ways, though the author Christopher Hitchens is not that concerned about the intricate details of his own life. He loves to discuss more about the ideas that have proved to be a driving force for his life. For example, he is more detailed about his support for the Iraq war though later on he didnt like the way the war was conducted on Iraq. Different To Other Memoirs It doesnt mean he doesnt like to talk about his friendships or emotions. The book Hitch-22: A Memoir by Christopher Hitchens comes across more like a self justification. Moreover, his political thoughts weigh up strongly against his own emotions. The book is revealing, no doubt, though not in a sense most memoirs are. People reading the book Hitch-22: A Memoir By Christopher Hitchens are more likely to react by arguing with the subject of the book rather than assimilating the lessons learnt from the life. Intermingling Of Global and Personal Events The personal and historical-political events in his life mix with each other and it is agreed to by the author Christopher Hitchens himself. For example, when he went to Athens to claim the body of his mother, there was a demonstration going on there against the military regime there. There he discovered the separation between the personal and political life couldnt be so clear as he previously thought. Nasty When He Wants To The author of the book Hitch-22: A Memoir, Christopher Hitchens, is a person who is made up of about dozen or more selves, each of which is very combative. He also has deep hatred for many people, though he doesnt explain the reasons for the same clearly. He can be extremely nasty when he wants to and he certainly doesnt like Bill Clinton. According to the book Hitch-22: A Memoir By Christopher Hitchens, he felt bad since Clinton did not openly side with Salman Rushdie when Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwah against Rushdie. Thoughtful Chapter on Iraq War He writes about global incidents like personal events and the readers may have a problem with that. The chapter on the Iraq war is however very thoughtful and is aptly described as the key moment in his life. Christopher Hitchens is very sentimental about his mother, which is understandable and he is very frank about his youthful acts of commissions as well. At the same time, the book Hitch-22: A Memoir By Christopher Hitchens is extremely amusing and witty. Readers also feel moved by his devotion to his friends Martin Amis, Salman Rushdie and Ian McEwan. He is genuinely aware that he is not among the most talented writers among his contemporaries. About the Author: The author Prasoon Kumar works for www.uRead.com which is the leading online bookstore that offers all the current and all time great titles at never before prices. Satiate your curiosity and get to know more about the world events from close quarters. The book Hitch-22: A Memoir By Christopher Hitchens is at never before prices is available at ..uread../book/hitch-22-christopher-hitchens/9781848871755. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: