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Small Business One of the tools you are going to need to operate your coffee shop are good employees. You don’t want to just hire the first people that walk through the door. Hiring friends and family can create issues outside of the business so many people choose to steer clear of that as well. It is very important that you hire the best employees that will be friendly, offer quality service to customers, show up when they should, and be open to new ideas. Customers may end up waiting for their orders longer than they should because you are short staff. They may not care if they have to wait once in a while but it if be.es a regular occurrence, they are going to start getting their coffee somewhere else. You also have to set a good example for all of the other employees. If they find you don’t care about attendance others will start to take advantage of it as well. If you can find qualified employees that have worked in a coffee shop before that is a nice advantage. However, don’t be so fast to pass on those that haven’t done so. They may have plenty of wonderful skills you can incorporate for your business. You need employees that are responsible, have great .munication skills, and they are friendly. You can teach them everything else they need to know to do a good job for your business. One of the best ways to find out what they have to offer is to ask a serious of questions. Make sure some of them are open ended so you can get a good idea of their .munication style. Ask them how they will handle conflicts with customers and with other employees. The answers they give you are going to tell you a great deal about their character. Make sure you follow up with references and previous employers as well. Take your time to properly train the employees you hire for your coffee shop. They should know how to make everything that is on the menu before you place them in front of the counter to wait on customers during busy periods of time. You can let them practice when it is slower but make sure someone that is an expert is able to assist them. Never leave them alone to figure it out. They will be.e stressed out and your customers will find it to be unprofessional. Offer them plenty of guidance and make sure you praise them for their efforts. In time they will get better at their job and their confidence will continue to build. Good employees need to be acknowledged for their abilities as well. Let them know you notice the great job they are doing. If you can afford it, give them a bonus or some other initiative to continue working as they are. You need the employees to be vested in the good of your coffee shop business. If they don’t care then your business is going to suffer from it. No one is able to effectively operate a coffee shop on their own. This means you are going to have to rely on the employees you hire to do a good job of helping you. Pay attention to their strengths so that you can assign them tasks that are a good match. Help them in areas where they have weak skills so that they will continue to offer quality assistance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: