Heaven Village clouds encounter rime, through the vast scenery of autumn and winter 4000dy

Heaven Village: clouds encounter rime, through the autumn and winter scenery of Heaven Village blockbuster Heaven Village this year comes some rime rime early, Feng has been rushed to put on this unique winter coat, standing on the summit, a glance through the autumn and winter, the more they cycle. The white world, everything is so charming, each branches are piled with a thick layer of ice, is full of white flowers, crystal clear. The South North churn the sea of clouds, cloudless, Dabie mountains like a sword, abruptly will split the two worlds here, clouds so encounter rime. Shuttling visitors, or watch carefully for ice or camera self timer, linger in the rime in the forest. The scenery of Heaven Village scenery of Heaven Village clouds fog indistinct, peaks of an implicit time now, "Zhong Shenxiu thousands of brocade a wide expanse of mist-covered waters, covering wind at an altitude of over one thousand meters high, limpid green jade, red fruit hanging in the branches, like most of the description of unusual flowers. Heaven Village Heaven Village is one of the five wild lady waterfall waterfall, swaying posture, through the spring green autumn yellow, leisurely and fell, not only for the sea with a smile. Heaven Village lady waterfall also worth mentioning is the Heaven Village Buddha, do not need to find, meet you, is a man in the back, perhaps inadvertently, has been in the body before the buddha. This is the Heaven Village Heaven Village unique Buddhist fairyland, people reluctant to leave! Heaven Village gate Heaven Village相关的主题文章: