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Hearthstone said Tyrande’s memories may Elune with you — Sina hearthstone legend new skin area time and again, Reverend Tyrande finally met with everybody. In the early explorers society before the spoilers in revealed the arrival of Tyrande, after so long, Blizzard is finally not repeating the mistakes of Li Yajun. Tyrande’s face value reached the highest in history, and for this new hero whether old or the hearthstone of Warcraft game player novice should have a lot of questions, hearthstone this time, DN will take you to understand the full range of Mirana Tyrande. (because the night elves live, Tyrande is already more than 10 thousand years old, it is often known as the game player Thai grandmother) in the text before the insertion of a quiz, first explain several often cited problems. Q: who’s Tyrande? A: as early as ten thousand years ago, Tyrande was the successor to the Luna sect of the high priestess, and at the time of the uprising together to prevent the first invasion of the burning legion. The chaos after the end, Tyrande to the stage, re integration of the social structure of the night elves, in ten thousand years so far led the night elves. Q: why is Tyrande a priest? A: Wow and many fantasy games, for the definition is "through faith in gods or God’s existence and obtain approximate high strength in the occupation, due to different objects, different types of the priest looks very different. Anduin is typical in the light church pastor, which is highlighted in the blizzard game characters, so a lot of game player that priest is the only faith light. Tyrande belongs to the churches in the moon, is the object of Elune, a belief that only exists in the night elves. (as the fictional game player of Elune image) Q: why not Tyrande Hunter Druid? A: Elune will appear in the image of female God in the spirit of the myth, and her female priests will be armed with bow and arrow went to the battlefield, the moon priest itself and Hunter archery bow. Tyrande in the long process of Kalimdor’s garrison established sentinel organization, the organization of the branch – Secret thoroughfare that pure Hunter organization. So Tyrande’s role is a hunter of ingredients inside, but she is the high priestess of Elune’s identity is always the first one. Most people think that Tyrande is a druid, according to her representative skill — that the stars fall, we all know that this is a druid spells, but this skill is the first for Tyrande tailored. In one version of World of Warcraft, this skill is Blizzard stuffed Druid, perhaps after that caused a misunderstanding of the game player. Because she is the first Druid Malfurion’s wife, so she and the Druid system figures are very familiar with, it may also make people misunderstand that she is a druid. (female priests common archers image of the war of the ancients) [] ten thousand years ago, Tyrande was born in the night elf Empire treasure city Surama, the young Tyrande Surama often walk in the forest, and in Surama the magnificent temple of the moon.相关的主题文章: