Hangzhou network about the implementation of the new car driver access conditions relaxed-4000dy

Hangzhou new car about the implementation of the new car driver access conditions have been relaxed – China network mapping Gong Zihao Hangzhou new car about the official landing! Yesterday evening, the Hangzhou municipal government office officially issued the "Hangzhou network booking taxi and private passenger train management rules (Trial)". Today, the new deal will be formally implemented, the trial period of one year. October 10th, after the public release, received a total of 528 comments and suggestions. Since many opinions are expressed in the same meaning, so sort out 95 types of views, including the adoption of the views of the adoption of the views of the 66 types, the adoption rate of various views of nearly 70%. The driver access conditions to further relax the draft after the announcement, there are 114 conditions on the driver’s opinion, many of which are proposed to relax the conditions, such as allowing a temporary residence permit, to relax the requirement of driving personnel. The idea was adopted. Yesterday announced the "Regulations" in article first (fifteen) was revised to obtain household registration in the city, or "in the city residence in Zhejiang province" for more than 6 months, or to obtain a "temporary residence in the city of Zhejiang province" for more than 12 months, an increase of "or get in the city" temporary residence permit "of Zhejiang Province, more than 12 months". Authorities said, according to the actual situation, the implementation measures of Hangzhou on the "floating population living in Zhejiang province Registration Ordinance" has not yet landed, has made "residence in Zhejiang province" not many people, so it is necessary to hold a temporary residence permit approval for more than 1 years of the crowd. In addition, vehicle access conditions, the (eight) of the second types of new energy vehicles are clear, and the "vehicle" to "non new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles to prevent the dichotomy may exist omissions, to ensure policy continuity. The platform should buy insurance for the new revised on the net about passenger car platform with more clear responsibility: platform equipped with safety production of full-time management personnel and the corresponding site; to purchase liability insurance carrier for passengers, Xianxingpeifu bear responsibility; 24 hours of receiving the passengers consultation, complaints, lost property search and other matters, received the passengers the relevant departments assigned complaints or complaints, shall be processed within 5 days and feedback; according to the needs of passengers, providing electronic or paper taxi invoices; ensure the order log records accurately, operation data access government supervision platform. In addition, also increase a "in violation of the provisions of the detailed rules for the implementation of the rectification and implementation of the platform, road transport management institution may suspend the acceptance of the new vehicle and driver registration service". Set up a transitional period of 4 months from November 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017, for the transition period of Hangzhou city about the transition period. In the meantime, the car platform to stock "car" in order to carry out clean-up standards, apply for the network about the car platform company, the vehicles and drivers operating permit. After the expiration of the transition, the relevant departments will carry out joint inspection, severely punished undocumented, illegal business practices. November 1st, Hangzhou city transportation management department began to accept Yang相关的主题文章: