Guardian – Code of Asian Art Week antique wood, talent shows itself into a bright spot kimi wo omou melodi

The · code; sub Antique Art Week: wood, to highlight the talent shows itself on the evening of October 27th, "the 2016 · typical sub Antique Art Week" in Beijing China Millennium grand curtain. From the beginning of the VIP preview special, from Chai Hainan huanghuali Museum of art gallery to create "Hainan pear furniture of the Ming Dynasty" booth, has opened a "racket" in a continuous line "viewing mode. Reporter learned from dozens of countries and regions, nearly 40 well-known art institutions and art gallery during this week, brought more than one thousand pieces of fine art, representative including Coehlo, Miller, Dubini, Jacques and other world-class master of art works. The art Fang Ming style furniture wood in the exhibition booth F9, to study the experience of space to show you Ming, like a Hainan huanghuali furniture art beautiful name card presented in front of the viewer, attracted many visitors admired and sought after "Gee". The model is the original structure of Ming style, well proportioned, moldings portrayed in place; as a jade polished, shiny…… See this brand of traditional Ming style furniture to grasp how accurate, and how to work in place!" In the face of Chai Shanghai South pear furniture booth, exquisite work, understand the heartfelt comments given walker! Mature in the Ming style furniture in the middle and late Ming Dynasty as the center of Suzhou Jiangnan artisan area, according to Wang Shixiang’s research, the peak in Hainan pear as the representative of the Ming Dynasty style furniture, not only in the history of furniture China wrote the most brilliant chapter, but also by the western missionaries to Europe, and in eighteenth Century was the famous designer of Europe according to the British royal family is designed for a full set of Ming Dynasty style palace furniture, thus becoming the art crystallization of human history bright furniture. Chai, founder, from Hainan Huanghua hometown of Zou Hong, Zhou Fengjiao and his wife told reporters: "over the past decade, we only focus on the Hainan pear Ming style furniture products, furniture to all new and old material. This time we bring the furniture with a common color highlights: elegant, beautiful texture, elegant style of rigorous testimonies, avoid vulgar, ingenious and reasonable structure, fully display their unique pear wood texture, reflect the superb artistic level and simple artistic charm from china." The display of furniture art gallery of Hainan Huanghua classic type single board seat chair, a chair, a chuck tenon head case, Raglan tenon Alice head case, a curio, pen, paper weight, has created a variety of celebrity Zhou Fengyan Potter of Hainan pear crafts. Highlight Hainan pear texture beauty and good texture, a superb collection of beautiful things, a splendid sight. During the art week, Chinese traditional furniture industry elite, industry veteran collectors, classical furniture experts and scholars and the community of Chai Fang Yi huanghuali Ming style furniture to give a fair evaluation. Chairman of the China Furniture Association, chairman of the Committee of traditional furniture, the famous collector Yang Bo visited the wood furniture. As the "pear Godfather" and an important witness, Mr. Yang Bo recalled from the last century since 90s, Hainan pear "rare", in the most sought after prices rose more than 500 times. But he pointed out that, in the minds of many people, more相关的主题文章: