Guangzhou expert do not blindly lumps operation long man bag (video)

Guangzhou expert: man lifeblood on long pimple do not blindly surgery induration of penis. The incidence rate is about 3.7% ~ 7.1%, action and sexual life excessive, sexual life frequency or the pursuit of special position and other relevant medical director of Guangzhou No.1 People’s Hospital professor Deng Junhong male, 54 year old Mr. Chen recently heavy-hearted, the reason is that the old "lifeblood" painful erection, the hardness is as before. The most worrying is that your hand can touch a bulge in the penis small lump, "will be afflicted with cancer?" Mr. Chen came to Guangzhou No.1 People’s Hospital, the diagnostic results obtained "penile induration". "Many patients feel the penis grow. The first reaction is fear of tumor, is actually the penis caused by strain." Male division director of Guangzhou No.1 People’s Hospital professor Deng Junhong said, recently because a lot of penile induration patients come for treatment, some people will require surgery. "In fact, induration of penis and tumor is a completely different concept, the induration generally not malignant, does not affect urination, not all patients need for surgery, should seek appropriate treatment according to the severity of the disease, induration of penis can be cured completely." The Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Heng, correspondent Li Jin, Wei Xing, Huang Yuexing penile induration increase in the incidence of penile induration occurred in a man’s life chances are very high, the prevalence rate in 3.7% to 7.1%, 2% of the patients have family history of Peyronie’s disease. The age of onset is possible from 18 to the age of 80, but the most common age between 40~60 years old, accounting for about 2/3 of the total number of patients. "As long as the male sex is likely to occur in penile induration, the stage of youth sexual life frequency is the highest, most chance to happen." Peyronie’s disease, also known as penile induration is fiber, fiber scleroma between penis and penis fascia membrane disease, the etiology is not clear. Patients usually have: penile erection, abnormal bending and pain, penile induration distal, there will be severe erectile difficulties, not normal sexual life. In the past, many patients on the penis disease is difficult to say, do not want to seek medical treatment, which is very detrimental to men’s physical and mental health. Deng Junhong pointed out that in recent years, with the development of medical imaging technology and patients pay more attention to their reproductive health, patients are more scientific and accurate diagnosis, one of the reasons the rate increased year by year which is the detection of penile induration. What causes "strain" attention is the main cause of penile curvature caused by pain in Peyronie’s disease? Deng Junhong said that the initial damage of albuginea is an important cause of Peyronie’s disease. "It is popular to the penis’ strain ‘, i.e. cavernous repeated chronic mild damage, but not acute cavernous complete breakage or rupture, which usually showed swelling of shape, need emergency medical treatment." "There are many causes of chronic injury of the penis, such as some men pursuing stimulation in the life of the body posture, movement range is too large, or the pursuit of stimulation of masturbation, wearing a penis ring, sexual life frequency, too many sexual partners, sexual abuse drugs, urethral surgical injury and may also lead to the penis injury.!相关的主题文章: