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The first Guangdong province human resources forum held in Guangzhou – Beijing, Beijing, Guangzhou, August (Suo Youwei Xiao Zeyi) 26, sponsored by the Guangdong Association of talent exchange "to manage big data, cloud service connection — cloud services, power compensation Fu human resources summit neat" 26 held in Guangzhou, experts around scholars and business representatives to discuss the Internet era human resource service. According to reports, with the "public innovation, the entrepreneurial" boom coming, innovation and development of the importance of talent in the Internet era of big data is more and more prominent. How to upgrade and optimize the management mode of talent has become a new curriculum for entrepreneurs. Zhang Zhiming, President of Guangdong Talent Exchange Association, said big data has become the basis for the development of urban industry, cloud computing has become the key technology of enterprise transformation. In the Internet environment, talent supply and demand, labor and social security, compensation and benefits have undergone great changes, which not only gives the human resources industry an opportunity, but also makes it face great challenges. Dr. Tian Yongpo China Personnel Science Research Institute believes that the "Internet plus human resource service is half water half of the flame". He mentioned that as of June 2016, China’s Internet users reached 710 million, the Internet has shaped a society. In the enterprise, online banking, online services, online recruitment is an important application of Internet plus, but the industry has standardized degree is not high, the risk of supply of higher quality potential. China Academy of labor and social security research director Zhang name, the Internet era, the value of the big data itself is not very important, the key is to analyze the data, and open sharing. At the same time, the data analysis should be done so that non-technical people can understand, use, so as to play its role. (end)相关的主题文章: