Guangdong Media’s closed training to scare his back pot man Gao Hongbo Football Association-zibba

Guangdong Media: China closed training to scare his Gao Hongbo Football Association back pan man? Gao Hongbo Alexander’s home court now lost to Syria, the bad, the worse the process. Thus, a variety of scripts overwhelming, sarcasm, ridicule, questioning…… However, the piece is just a piece, China soccer team, but there is only one way. The day before yesterday, "Gao Jun" from Xi’an to Uzbekistan on a charter flight to Tashkent, tomorrow night, they will challenge the previous round of the good performance of Uzbekistan early last year, the Asian Cup football had defeated the opponent. Because the last round of home court 0: 1 not enemy Syria, the Orangemen have no leeway. Under this danger, despair, when the Orangemen officers and men to do? Gao Hongbo can transcend themselves, the country can muster the courage of blood gas? The whole country fans are looking forward to. Thematic planning Zheng Shaoshan topic Author Information Times reporter Baiyun 8 pm local time, China team arrived in Uzbekistan is located in the capital Tashkent Radisson hotel. The team members look dignified, without stopping, directly into the room to rest. At half past six in the evening, the national team at the Yoder stadium outfield training. Home court lost to the group "the weakest team" in Syria, this road, the national team to win the "victory", and the strength of the opponent and as far away as Syria team, Gao Hongbo pressure as can be imagined. In contrast, the host’s problem is that people are not too neat, and the Chinese team is difficult to revive morale, to create a miracle. Chinese habits, what things are too serious, too high Daquan, too pursuit of formal things to this point, also written in the national team captains face. Football, it is the pursuit of happiness, need to enjoy a sport. According to reporters in front of the news feedback that Gao Hongbo has always been serious in speech and manner in almost the same, domestic criticism sound, face increasingly heavy, is obviously a lot of pressure. Manager of the disaster? The strength, don’t because of Gao Hongbo 40 final round win in Qatar, Gao Hongbo overnight was blown into Chinese football and a Savior; the night of October 6th, he fell directly from the altar at the bottom of the hell, from the preparation, use, was accused of battle command Nothing is right., seems to be guilty of the most heinous crimes is biased, practical, very not objective. Yes, Gao Hongbo has his own unpleasant places, such as high cold; battle battle of Syria there are many inappropriate places, such as the tactical choice. However, as a coach, how to use and how their plans, has its subjective judgment power, believe that Gao Hongbo is to follow the logic chain within the individual to make the best choice. At present, the national team is not a disease in the cou "stage, to put it bluntly, it is already" in the bone marrow, life belong to it, but what is". The disease is a huge loss of China gener Football Association over the past 10 years of work, the youth foundation work to no effect at all bitter. In fact, as long as it is an outsider, whether it is a foreign coach or foreign media, a reference to the problem of the Chinese national team, will not say that the Chinese team in the game.相关的主题文章: