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Guangdong Media: South Korea’s enemy? They know of Gao Jun Han Yi Gao Hongbo: the obvious strength in South Korea on Tuesday China team in Paju base for China and South Korea before the second day countdown rehearsal. If the Orangemen for a relatively easy atmosphere, so the South Korean team preparing for nearly "to". In an online game fans South Korea football association organization, Jin Yingquan, Hong Zhenghao, Zhang Xianxiu 3 "super Korean aid" said with a smile, can win in at least 3 foot ball. Stielike, the South Korean team, when the opponent’s victory is not much, defeated when no more, the whole team is very stable and of course, South Korean striker who predicted more for fun, they are aware of the current Super League level and international China ability. In fact, the South Korean players still attach great importance to China, because this is the 12 round open battle, and is the home court for a match, the result will affect the morale of behind to a great extent. Therefore, after the joke, the South Korean team these two days of preparation is still very serious. South Korea’s German coach Stielike 62 years old this year, the players have played on behalf of the German team for the second time, there are 3 goals, the 1982 World Cup final defeat to the Italy team, he also has the game. After retirement, Stielike from 1998 to 2000 served as assistant in the German national team, after twice served as coach of the German national team. From 2006 to 2008, he coached the Ivorian national team, from 2008 to 2014 has been in the West coach, has twice managed al Arabi and Al Leah. It should be said that Stielike’s coaching experience is very rich. In September 5, 2014, Stielike became the new head coach of South Korea, until the end of the world cup in Russia in 2018. Stielike took over the South Korean team, the team played 28 Games record of 21 wins 3 flat 4 negative. In the 40 match of the 7 matches zero goal, strong promotion 12 strong competition. Last year in Wuhan, the East Asian Cup, Stielike led the South Korean team two to 2 to 0 beat the national foot. Stielike, the only 21 players to participate in training, and later because of a striker in Europe can not participate in the battle, so there are only 20 people for. Stielike believes that the South Korean team as long as 3 days is enough, the number of attending the training does not need too much. He said this is not the enemy, on the contrary, he already has 3 times to the super stadium, South Korean players and Chinese observation opponent, and in a number of Super League coach Korean coach had in-depth exchanges, so he can be said to "high military" has been well known.相关的主题文章: