Great power craftsman into campus activity starts in Beijing g227

"Great craftsmen into the campus activities started in Beijing – Beijing Beijing in October 10 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yu Zhanyi) by the China Federation of trade unions publicity and Education Department of the Ministry of Education jointly organized care for the next generation Committee of the" great craftsmen into the campus ceremony and the first 10 days of activities started at Beijing Polytechnic College. At the launch ceremony, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Hospital 211 factory senior welder Gao Fenglin, China CSR Qingdao Sifang locomotive Limited by Share Ltd chief grinding division Ning Topcolor, tells the story of their professionalism, dedication, fine deeds and sentiment, vivid interpretation of the profound connotation of artisan spirit, with great enthusiasm, excellence, dedication to motivate students patriotic dedication. They also demonstrated to the students of the field of welding and grinding technology, the great powers of the craftsmen superb skills to win the applause of the students. Today, the two craftsmen, are to highlight the spirit of craftsman ‘s outstanding representatives. Their campuses and students face-to-face exchanges, this way is very good, easy to teach, to communicate with each other, suits the characteristics of the ideological education for youth." China next generation working committee director Gu Xiulian encouraged students to the big craftsman, in practice in the crucible of the growth of knowledge, bettering quality, strengthen skills, success. It is reported that the "great craftsmen into the campus activities to" promote the craftsman spirit and enhance the occupation literacy "as the theme, the country artisans come in campus, face-to-face communication with students, and the experience taught art experience, vivid display of the artisan spirit, help vocational education of people. Currently, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities of the 15 vocational colleges, has been carrying out demonstration activities in the second half of 2017 will be in full swing nationwide vocational colleges. "Great craftsmen into campus activities will be held in the large craftsman report, open the" master craftsman studio "big micro classroom, video teaching, promotion power artisan series, drama, hire craftsmen as a school counselor and other forms of power, establish a long-term relationship with the power mechanism of the school teachers and artisans, will be extended to the occupation colleges and the workers school. To participate in the ceremony of the first activity as well as the Beijing Municipal Education Committee, the Committee and the Municipal Federation of trade unions responsible comrades, Beijing occupation college student representatives, part of Beijing city construction and management of vocational education on behalf of members of the group, part of the province (area, city) education Committee responsible comrades and the first to carry out the activities of the occupation colleges responsible comrades more than 1300 people. (end)相关的主题文章: