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Good | recommended the most nourishing beauty Jiapin – Sohu and as the saying goes, the winter tonic, tiger spring. It is winter haze is cold and dry, often accompanied by rampant wind, really let the girls headache. Want to rely on good skin, skin care products is certainly not enough, also need the internal conditioning diet, a bowl of poly aura syrup, is easy to do. Good buy goods on the "good" home for pregnant beauty tonic good boiled syrup, which comes from Yunnan wild peach quality, made the most delicious is the syrup, the price is very close to the people, winter nourishing health Jiapin beauty, good is good on the purchase worth buying. What is the peach? Peach peach peach, also known as tears, is the skin injury, amber like liquid natural overflow, after crystallization into resin. Flat peach, rich in collagen, with lipid-lowering anti wrinkle effect of rejuvenation, "this after every original" records: "peach gum, most fluid, a black settlement, win paste use." Good food "good" pregnant not easily won the peach from Yunnan mountains wild small peach trees, artificial picking, screening, drying, natural without added, keep the original state. Whether the growth environment or nutritional and medicinal value, is a large orchard of peach peach peach gum and synthetic not comparable. A cup of wild peach peach stew tears foam in the water 12-24 hours, the volume can be increased five times. Just a little a few, or add tremella, Xue Yan, can stew out of a bowl of exquisitely carved syrup, add seasoning honey or sugar, scoop up a spoonful, like a jelly Q elastic and smooth, that is the entrance. So you can eat peach peach super all-match, whether it is with fruit, milk, or icy tremella, Gleditsia meters are nutritious collocation, beauty in ~ but pregnant women and menstrual period fasting yo ~ [fishing] [Cranberry fruit peach peach soup] [M] beautiful peach gum sugar Tremella saponin yield | Yunnan wild peach. 100g civilian nest market price: 24.9 yuan nopostage flour exclusive price: 9.9 yuan package post click "read the text" to buy or visit APP and click "buy beans fruit delicacy good goods" channel, search for "peach" can find the goods! Click to read the original purchase相关的主题文章: