Global angel investment forum held nearly 200 million yuan financing in 19 projects held by Han Dyna-agogoktv

The global forum held 19 angel investment projects in the Han Dynasty was nearly 200 million yuan financing in September 26th 2016, Wuhan City partner program and global angel investment forum held in East Lake lake, East Lake 100 investment expert copolymerization, 19 projects to participate in the roadshow to obtain financing amount of nearly 200 million yuan. The trend capital will return to the real industry again. "All technologies should be applied in reality."." Yesterday, MartinStroka, one of Silicon Valley’s most senior investors, said at the forum that new technologies represented by artificial intelligence would be used in the new manufacturing industry. Silicon Valley angel fund management partner Kong Dehai said, as a basic technology, the Internet has completed its mission, will have more industries to use Internet technology and other new technologies, and ultimately form a new industry format. Famous angel investors, founder of Optics Valley coffee founder Li Ruxiong believes that the initial demographic dividend allows Internet sites in an air outlet, with the slowdown in user growth, capital will return to the real estate industry. Yesterday, most of the 10 respondents said that they were more willing to invest in industrial projects with a certain technical threshold, rather than just business models. Wuhan Wuhan is becoming the next investment highland, yesterday, 19 projects from Wuhan total investment amount of nearly 200 million yuan, of which, only "graphite document" a project to get 9 investment solicitation letter. Statistics show that since the implementation of the "city partner" plan in 2015, Wuhan is accelerating to become a new highland of talent, technology and capital. In the next three years, more than 10 innovative ecological valleys will be built in Wuhan. "Wuhan has come out of a pattern." Li Ruxiong said, at present, the company is invited to Chengdu, Xi’an, Hefei and other cities to copy "Wuhan experience", "next will also go to Chongqing, Changsha and other places."." Wuhan girl Chen Dan said that at present, her investment team has invested 10 projects in Wuhan, "Wuhan is becoming the next investment highland."". Wuhan enterprises need to have a "thorough" consciousness, "we invest more than 20% of the project is Hubei fellow company."." Attention to medicine in the field of health Chen Dan said, relying on Wuhan, China high school, Wuhan never lack of talent, in the "double" background, the market needs better innovation and entrepreneurship investment ecology. In this regard, DT Capital Partners Zhang Le said, Wuhan foreign population inflows every year in steady growth, from the small indicators, Wuhan has the foundation of future development, now is the need for government support and guidance, to help more enterprises to the capital market. Li Ruxiong believes that Wuhan enterprises need to have "do through" consciousness, spend 10 years, to a subdivision of the field to achieve the ultimate, this is to be encouraged. More entrepreneurial information, please pay attention to the big Chu entrepreneurial WeChat, scan the next two-dimensional code or search dachucy

全球天使投资论坛在汉举办 19个项目获近2亿元融资9月26日,2016武汉“城市合伙人”计划暨全球天使投资论坛在东湖之滨举行,百位投资牛人共聚东湖,参加路演的19个项目获得融资额度近2亿元。谈趋势资本将再次回归实体产业“所有技术都要应用在现实当中。”昨日,美国硅谷最资深投资人之一MartinStroka在论坛上表示,以人工智能为代表的新技术将要用于新的制造业当中。硅谷天使基金管理合伙人孔德海表示,作为一种基础技术,互联网已完成使命,将有更多的产业应用互联网技术和其他新技术,最终形成全新产业业态。知名天使投资人、光谷创业咖啡创始人李儒雄认为,初期的人口红利让互联网站在了一个风口,随着用户增速的放缓,资本将再次回归实体产业。昨日,10位受访的投资人绝大部分表示,更愿投资有一定技术门槛的实业项目,而不仅仅是商业模式。谈武汉武汉正成为下一个投资高地昨日,来自武汉的19个创业项目总计拿到拟投资额度近2亿元,其中,仅“石墨文档”一个项目就拿到9张投资邀约函。资料显示,自2015年“城市合伙人”计划实施后,武汉正加速成为人才、技术和资金的集聚新高地,未来三年,武汉将建成10个以上的创新生态谷。“武汉已走出了一个模式。”李儒雄说,目前,公司正受邀在成都、西安、合肥等城市“复制”武汉经验,“接下来还将去重庆、长沙等地。”武汉姑娘陈丹说,目前,她的投资团队已在武汉投了10个项目,“武汉正成为下一个投资高地”。谈不足武汉企业要有“做透”意识“我们投资项目中有超过20%是湖北老乡的公司。”专注医药大健康领域的陈丹说,依托武大、华科等高等院校,武汉从不缺人才,在“双创”背景下,市场需要更好的创新创业投资生态。对此,德同资本主管合伙人张乐表示,武汉外来人口流入量每年都在稳定增长,从这个小指标来看,武汉已具备未来发展的基础,现在就是需要政府的支持和引导,帮助更多企业走向资本市场。李儒雄认为,武汉企业需要有“做透”意识,花个10年时间,把某个细分领域做到极致,这是需要被鼓励的。更多创业资讯,请关注大楚创业微信,扫描下方二维码或搜索dachucy相关的主题文章: