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Structured-Settlements With the recent recession in India taking a leap for the worse, many people have started to rely on their annuities for immediate cash. Yes, anyone can get cash for annuity now only if they have it. An annuity is an investment product which is not taxed by the government and is mostly put out for sale by insurance companies. So, if you want to have a secured future, investing in annuities will be a great way to do so. When you invest in annuities in India before your retirement, you can count on a better future especially now that the recession is taking over. The many other retirement plans in the market although great plans, come with some limitations. Some of these include to the 401(k), and others. What makes annuities great is the fact that, they do not restrict the amount of contributions you can invest. With annuities, you never have to deal with compulsory withdrawals. This is why many Indian retirees are considering annuities the better option as compared to other forms of retirement plans. What makes people so crazy about annuities is how fast they can be sold for money. Yes, if you need money urgently, there are so many immediate cash for annuity payments available. The annuities you can sell should be those of which you own. There is no way you can get cash for annuity now if the annuity you are planning to sell does not belong to you. If you inherited the annuity and you can prove it with legal documents then, you can sell it. You may decide you need a lump sum of money for an emergency. Well, you can always get immediate cash for annuity payments. There are so many reasons why you might want to sell off your annuity. Some people sell their annuities in order to buy a new house, start new businesses, and pay for childrens education and others. Due to the fact that annuities are free from taxes, you can decide to sell all of your annuity out or simply sell some of it. When you sell all your annuities at once, you can be caught by the tax services who would want to take their share. This is why it is advisable to sell some of your annuities. Living in India during these times is nothing to smile about. This does not mean you should sell off your annuities without taking advice from your attorney. Most times, selling annuity payments tend out to be a wrong move in the long run. The more annuities are saved or kept untouched, the more they become better investment policies or the more the amount on them grows. This is why it is best to buy annuities some years before your retirement. This way, you can rely on a great retirement life. There are different types of annuities in India that any Indian can invest in. Make sure you check out the credibility of the insurance company before you do so. Annuity investments pay in the long term, so consider investing in annuities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: