From the end of the Internet car finance three chaos chaos Piandai serious charges zhuxianduowan

From the end of the Internet car finance three chaos confusion charges We want you serious piandai! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! In the process of Internet financial supervision with constantly landing, consumer finance has become a Dafengkou, the automobile finance the vertical segments into a new blue ocean. Mutual gold companies are increasingly eyeing the auto finance market, the day before China flash around the main loan Lazi, second-hand car mortgage. From the entire automotive financial sector, the current melon seeds used cars, Shenzhou and other Internet platforms, as well as some of the P2P platform in the field of automotive finance layout. Behind the platform to actively layout, the Beijing Daily reporter learned that Internet car finance has three chaos: low barriers to entry and all kinds of risk control on the basic charges; collection; audit lax Piandai serious. Chaos: a low threshold of     all kinds of charges in the automotive consumer financial market, according to the type of car, car market after the first trading period, types of Internet car finance is various, different platforms have different architectures and configurations. Peanut car chairman Chen Pengyun told the Beijing Daily reporter, the Internet car finance has three dimensions, the first dimension, if in accordance with the car category to it can be divided into new and used vehicles, at present new financial proportion than second-hand car financial ratio is much higher; if in accordance with the second dimensions of financial products to points, can the car is divided into mortgage, rent and leaseback straight hedge buyback; third dimensions can be done in accordance with the channel or channel two, this one is for passengers, the wind control in the country through the 4S store, two dealers, car market to achieve, the other is a self built platform such as car loan and China flash. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters on some internet financial platform survey found that each platform has different fees, and in addition to the interest payable there are a variety of charges. Beijing Daily reporter login China excellent car launched a one-stop automotive financial service platform — China flash loan, in the input information, vehicle registration date, location and other information, can be obtained by calculating the amount of loans. Beijing Daily reporter entered a purchase in January 2016, the total price of 130 thousand yuan of the vehicle, can apply for the loan amount is 89 thousand yuan, at the same time, there are three kinds of products to choose from, in the choice of energy after the loan, if the repayment of 12, finally also need a total of the principal and interest totaling 94704.96 yuan. In many P2P platform, Beijing Daily reporter noted that many of the expected annual rate of return on investment projects up to 20%. A car easy loan platform official website shows the annualized rate of return of 21.64%, a total of 3 billion 929 million yuan loan, the Department of Huizhou City East investment Limited by Share Ltd operating under the P2P platform. Platform formally launched in May 18, 2014, the main business of the vehicle based mortgage, focusing on the development of the car as the media personal loan business. "If the theory相关的主题文章: