For the future of media summit dialogue a financial newspaper for 90 CEO kimi wo omou melodi

For the future of media summit dialogue a financial newspaper for 90 CEO: original title: the earliest "editor’s death" said he, "now go back to the content of the hometown" editor’s note: General Secretary Xi Jinping 2· 19 "on the important speech of the party after the announcement of the news public opinion, media integration transformation has become the strongest voice of the times. What will happen to the media and media in the future? What has been the transformation of traditional media and how to explore? In order to better promote the exchange and learning, the future of Sina News Media Summit joint media view (media observation id:bigmedianews) launched the "dialogue head" column, select the part of the new media group, transformation and fusion of great achievements, with the top person in charge, talked about the development of media convergence and innovation. The earliest said "the editor of" the death of him, "when the content is now back to hometown" — the first financial dialogue CEO and editor in chief Zhou Jiangong Zhao country view media CEO first financial writer and editor in chief Zhou Jiangong early in the media was bad mouthing the sound is filled, he first published an article to print the organizational change, a the article hit the industry "editor of death", in the declaration of the "editor" post. At the same time, he called on the traditional media to change the mode of production, the future will be with the editor in chief of the product manager of thinking people. In his 20 years of occupation career news media, was the one he can’t abandon the occupation choice and complex. He is also a focus on Internet technology and TMT in the field of Finance columnist, with extraordinary recognition and Prospect of cutting-edge technology. He ran away from print to online media, and now return to the traditional paper media and television media camp, mission is to explore the transformation China largest financial media group. He is regarded as "the hometown of media content" — is gone but the content of the gene can not erase. Today, as a return to the home, as the death of the editor in chief of the prophecy, a group of chief editor died, but those who have not been killed, they will become more powerful". So, he and his "content of the home", become strong? Zhou Jiangong, editor of the death of the chief editor of the death of the time was in March 2013, when he served as the Chinese version of the "Forbes" and the Chinese editor of the Chinese network has been four years of. In 2009, founded the "First Financial Daily" and the editorial board of the Peking University Zhou Jiangong, Longmen brothers, but also the financial media in the circle of a heavyweight to recommend, to leave a fortune, as the chief editor of "Forbes" Chinese version. This career experience on Zhou Jiangong’s influence and change. In his own words, is standing in the intersection of China and the world. Here, the "Zhou Jiangong" magazine Forbes Chinese version from the monthly increase to 18 times a year, founded the Forbes Chinese network, the development of mobile terminal products, become China market professional media with international influence. It is here that week Jiangong focused on reporting the China "innovation, entrepreneurship, wealth, to explore a number of emerging China entrepreneurs, pushed them to the international. Forbes on the global list of camp相关的主题文章: