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Following Ali AR strategy – Sohu Jingdong released the VR technology media training camp September 9th reported Wen Gao VR from the game, Chunliang like a raging fire, film to the electricity supplier, the giants can be overweeningly ambitious. Since the launch of Ali VR Buy+ (black sheep) shopping products, Jingdong are trying to seize the air. September 6th, Jingdong released VR AR strategy, including the establishment of VR AR industry alliance, to create VR AR electricity supplier applications, participate in the establishment of VR AR technology standards and the establishment of content distribution platform in four areas. Analysys analyst Zhao Ziming told the media that the entrance of camp interview with reporters, the core business of the Jingdong is electronic business platform, VR AR technology will leap to promote goods display and other aspects of VR, if AR can take the lead in implementation can make the Jingdong to further enhance market share, on the other hand if the backward, Ali and other competitors will be the first step to occupy market. Pack tactics 2016 known as the first year of VR, IDC data show that in the second quarter of the market sales of more than 1 million sets of VR Cardboar. IDC forecast VR market in China will usher in the outbreak of Q4 in 2016. However, according to Jingdong user survey data, in the purchase of VR equipment crowd, 32% of people believe that the content is scarce, 25% of people feel that the user experience is poor. There is an air outlet, there is demand. To this end, the Jingdong have launched the industry alliance, joint more than and 30 VR AR on the upstream and downstream enterprises, from VR, AR hardware algorithm and system equipment manufacturers, producers, to content providers, covering the complete VR, AR ecology, by brand, marketing, operations, finance, integration of industry resources. Jingdong CTO Zhang Chen said, "in the technical field, the Jingdong will also provide a set of unified modeling tools, it allows users to make unified application providers and VR AR content, and reduce the cost of modeling. At the same time, Jingdong also established a content distribution platform, docking content providers and demand side, to promote a large number of new content VR AR output, to fill the current problem of lack of content". The wolves tactics, blocking Ali, from the hardware to the content, even the whole industry chain Jingdong. Zhao Ziming believes that the Jingdong’s biggest advantage is its user groups, high sensitive populations of young high income population is also the VR AR technology, in addition to the cash flow and the third largest shareholder of the Tencent is the accumulation of technology two big advantage. Shopping for change business enterprise Jingdong, its VR strategy around "sellers". Jingdong launched its own VR shopping app "VR shopping galaxy". Users can experience the real sense of the line shopping in the store, the VR controller can pick up the goods, 360 degree view; users can experience more rich information offline shopping can not provide, such as product structure, function characteristics of products. VR can create a new user experience, and good electricity supplier Jingdong, is in fact the future changes in the user’s shopping habits, the customer after wearing VR, will produce the real scene, as in the.相关的主题文章: