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The central bank surprised the market fluctuations in prices of crude oil or big market triggered a global stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants FX168 hearing on Wednesday, the Bank of Japan will further cut the negative interest rate rumors once the yen fell, but this market is still questioned, then the yen fell more than $one hundred points to 102.29. "Oil prices rose flash flash crash" market "surprise". Announced in the EIA crude oil inventories unexpectedly small drop, oil was recovered all the lost ground to rise, but prices quickly pared down good times don’t last long, long "ultimately futile". The dollar fell but diehard is still bullish voices again yen anger rose more than 100 points the U.S. Department of labor announced Wednesday, August import prices fell 0.2% from the previous month, estimated to decline 0.1%; export prices in August fell 0.8% from the previous month, estimated to rise 0.1%. (U.S. import price per annum chart source: FX168 financial network) Reuters said, August import price index recorded a decline for the first time in six months, falling oil prices and the cost of food, that inflation will prompt the fed to maintain suppression, or the current policy in the next week. Next week, the Fed will hold a meeting in September, after the end of the two session of the meeting will announce the interest rate decision. CME FedWatch data show that the market is currently expected to raise interest rates this month only 15%. Goldman Sachs had cut the Fed’s interest rate hike next week, the probability of falling from 40% to the previous 25%, but that the Fed’s interest rate hike in December, a significant increase from the previous increase of up to 40%. Dollar index fell about 0.3%, refresh day as low as 95.20. USDCHF refresh date to 0.9701, further away from the 8 day high of 0.9789. EURUSD rose nearly 0.5%, refresh day to as high as 1.1273. (the dollar index 15 minutes chart source: FX168 financial network) "we expect the dollar will usher in a bull market," GoldForecaster founder Julian Phillips pointed out, "because the U.S. debt and the Federal Reserve do not want a stronger dollar, we think the rally has ended. A stronger dollar would hurt the US economy." Western Union Business Solutions senior market analyst Joe Manimbo said: the dollar bulls reduced interest rate hike in September bet, and now they will bet on December." However, from the beginning of 2014 bullish on the dollar dead much Goldman is still clinging to its position. Robin Brooks, Goldman Sachs strategist wrote in the report, the Fed continued until 2019, the tightening cycle will raise interest rates by 300 basis points, will push the dollar rose by $15%. The report notes that a shallow interest rate hike will bring a lower dollar appreciation. Goldman Sachs report pointed out that, although the Fed vice chairman Fisher (Stanley Fischer) expressed this year may raise interest rates two times, but the market is still 3相关的主题文章: