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FAW car or the red flag will be integrated into the FAW shares of China Securities News Network FAW will integrate its red flag related assets. According to sources close to the FAW, the specific integration path will be to China’s first automobile Limited by Share Ltd’s red flag division as the main body of the establishment of the FAW shares red branch. FAW car all the red flag assets will be stripped to FAW shares. According to the twenty-first Century Economic News reported on September 13th, in fact, since the establishment of this year, FAW shares in the cause of the red flag, the market for the integration of red flag assets are expected to be in March. In the FAW shares, the red flag division and FAW car for flat level units. September 12th, FAW car securities office staff said that the current production of all the assets of the red car FAW car. The aforementioned sources pointed out that the red car production line is not enough to start, weak sales, a serious loss in the FAW car system. If able to peel, for the FAW car 2016 annual results will boost. The China First Automobile Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "FAW") after the arrival of the new leadership, the red flag asset integration is expected to have been more intense. In addition to the establishment of the FAW car in March with the level of the red flag division, in April, FAW and FAW Group signed a trademark license contract supplementary agreement. According to the supplementary agreement, since 1997 by the FAW Hongqi exclusive right to use trademarks, change to share with FAW Group and licensed third party. According to the original contract, FAW FAW FAW car license to enjoy the exclusive right to use the trademark, FAW car sales by the use of trademark products per unit price of 1000 yuan calculated to pay the use of the FAW group. The collection of fees for the cumulative sales of 240 thousand units so far, FAW Group will be transferred to the FAW FAW red flag car. After the change, the red flag trademark will be extended to the FAW Group and other licensed third party. As compensation, FAW car has not yet completed the sales task of the 69 thousand and 800 red cars corresponding trademark license fee of 69 million 800 thousand will be exempt. Red flag is currently in the brand cultivation period, has not yet formed a scale effect, by the FAW Group and the company share the right to use, is conducive to mobilize various resources for the cultivation and development of the red flag brand." FAW car in exchange with investors, said. In fact, this is another important reason or that the sharp decline in the performance of the FAW car, have not enough money and the ability to develop the Red Flag brand, and the red flag of the loss actually erosion of profits of listed companies. FAW also admitted that shared with the group to reduce the company’s financial risk and business risk." Data show that the first half of the FAW car operating risks can not be ignored. Semi annual report disclosed that the first half of the company’s vehicle sales 80 thousand and 700, representing a decrease of 33.21% over the same period last year, while the automotive industry association data show that over the same period, domestic auto sales grew by 8.1%. Financial data is not optimistic. FAW car accounts receivable reached 240 million yuan in the first half, surged to the same period last year, 9 times. Net cash flow from operating activities is -1.相关的主题文章: