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Father’s coat is fashionable lead: one into the winter, people’s thinking are frozen, even give garment patterns are less than in spring and summer, probably more than half, checks and stripes can be preserved as a regular winter. Navy blue, gray and black is the most common and safe combination, including a choice of plain clothes under the condition of neutral color, pattern and stripes can get rid of these serious cold gas, moderately brighten the whole color. After all, the difficulty coefficient of lattice lattice set is too large, no one will be put into a kaleidoscope. (content from: GQ man network) vintage suit for winter wear "clothes", with a dissection of the name is always coerced by mid century dust is misty, let people feel "old First impressions are strongest" and "old fashioned". But if the mind can only think of a few decades ago businessman wearing an old suit, cover a grey plaid jacket thick, to the cubicle sit, your idea is too antiquated. Clothing trends and elements of course, can not jump out of reincarnation, but each time will be given a more innovative design. In the commercial wind gradually into the street style, the traditional grid elements have also been marked by a more casual modern brand. The traditional lattice with lattice fringes and less sophisticated elements were removed, leaving only a simple grid, Casely-Hayford with soft and smooth wool fabrics and shades of color box, let more modified body coat. Plaid Wool Plaid Wool Jacket Casely-Hayford from Mr Porter this price: about 5571 yuan Cini a plaid suit different approaches but equally satisfactory results, but the area is larger lattice more leisure, design and a sense of movement of the elastic cuffs, more youthful style. Plaid coat Cini plaid coat from price: about 7688 yuan brown, yellow and red interwoven with a piece of beautiful and brilliant at the same time, but also do not lose stability Farfetch. Although it is a classic double breasted coat, but the color is quite special. Double breasted tweed coat Bottega Veneta double breasted tweed coat from Matchesfashion price: about 15690 yuan a square lattice is easy to produce "look figure" illusion, Burberry coat is in the use of the oversized Plaid elements at the same time that vertical lines can trigger the thin effect. The color of the strong contrast is more of the color of the present. Double breasted plaid coat Burberry Runway double breasted plaid coat from Farfetch price: about 24346 yuan相关的主题文章: