Fancy leisure food Lenovo 300 million investment Wang Han endorsement of Jin Jia Zi fish

Fancy leisure food Lenovo good fertile 300 million investment Wang Han’s endorsement of Zhao Xiaojuan Jin Zi fish interface in less than a year investment in agricultural enterprises xinrongmao, wine liquor chain convenience, Australian seafood company KB Food group, recently, Lenovo Wo Group strategic investment leisure food brand enterprise holdings of Chinese food, the amount of investment for 300 million yuan. Hunan Province Chinese food company mainly produces leisure fish products and leisure bean products, owns "Jin Zi", "Bo Wei Yuan" and "Proview world" three leisure food brand. Business information, Hunan Province Chinese Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, the legal representative and chairman Zhou Jingsong, the registered capital of 150 million yuan, in 1992, Zhou Jingsong began to get involved in the food industry, in 2011 the transition to engage in leisure fish products industry, the company has more than 2000 employees. 2013 Hunan satellite TV host Wang Han began to speak Chinese food’s best-selling brand, Jin Zi small fish, from its flagship store sales of Tmall, the sales of small fish ranked first. The strategic investment of Chinese food, the reason given is good Lenovo, leisure fish products is the rapid growth of the snack food industry category, to meet consumer demand both delicious and healthy Chinese food, the focus is marine fish and bean products such as snack foods and healthy protein product category, according to Legend Holdings data the Chinese, in the field of leisure fish products ranked first in the market place. Lenovo holdings did not disclose the valuation of Chinese food and shareholding, only a small action — Wo Group Executive Director Zhu Yonghua on behalf of Lenovo holdings as Chinese food Wo Group Director, after a strategic investment in the wine convenience, Lenovo also stationed director Zhu Yonghua, the latter in the wine more convenient to participate in the investment, strategy with the convenient daily operation is less involved in wine. For the settled Chinese food, Zhu Yonghua told reporters he represents the interface, Lenovo holdings as Chinese food director Jia Wo Group, a major decision by the board of directors to participate in Chinese food, on the one hand to mobilize Wo Group in the agri food sector’s rich resources (including brand, supply chain resources) to support the development of Chinese the food at the same time, the use of rich experience accumulated in the past individual food consumption, help the company strategic planning. Zhu Yonghua is known as the "80 star investor" in the investment community, major investment projects are Zhou Heiya, Tang City kitchen, the individual as angel investors are invested in Jiezhuang brand O2O Yi and Yi beauty, called a duck, the Internet catering brand flagship health honey salad roll, the basic focus on investment the field of consumer services. Zhu Yonghua in the first half of this year, a public speech also revealed that Legend Holdings in the next three years, there are two major investment themes, one is the upgrading of innovative consumer services, a category driven product brand. "Drinks, snacks and health care, we spend a lot of energy on." Attachment: Lenovo holdings in recent years, mergers and acquisitions route in June 2011, Legend Holdings to spend 130 million yuan acquisition of Hunan’s equity interest in Wuling, into the.相关的主题文章: