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[exclusive] this two drones, is expected to break the "Xinjiang curse? – Sohu technology last week has just finished looking UAV (click to view), the results of the first two love fan children" received "a" special "small video. In which, I seem to see the next big Xinjiang figure. Tencent video in this period of 28 seconds, the file called "Demo" in the video, a total of a total of two unmanned aerial vehicles, they are different in the shape of the common multi rotor uav. First as a long lost an authentication machine, because it looks like a letter "X", so we may wish to call it "X"; the second is more like Google X Project Wing by the laboratory, the more common "flying wing", we will name it "wing". Even more surprising is that two people are able to achieve a similar Project Wing vertical takeoff – Horizontal flight". But the process is very smooth, "wing" even in the final to hover in the process of playing tricks: lateral roll 360 degrees after speed hovering, action is very simply. Where the two UAV really come from? Although those who broke the news to love fan children (micro signal: iFanr) provides the corresponding video, but he did not know whether these two UAVs belong to which enterprise. After 2 days of investigation, we finally found their "traces on micro-blog". You can see in Chengdu "fair" on the new AOSSCI in June this year (Sichuan proud potential technology) show two models of UAV and UAV video exposure in shape is very close. And we also found their official website, and see more pictures on the company’s official news: love fan children (micro signal: iFanr) also to the potential of science and Technology issued a proud interview invitation, but the other said is not willing to accept the interview. UAV development of a turning point coming? Images from Livescience, as I did last week in fan fan’s other article [depth] for the next wave of drones, what should we expect? As mentioned in the past: Based on multi rotor unmanned aerial vehicles, and even now the consumption level UAV to predict the future of UAV, which is clearly a misunderstanding. Many including Google, Amazon, giant has actually been aware of this problem, so there are such as Project Wing, the latest Prime Air UAV as "alien" appears in the multi rotor UAV accounted for most of the market. But in the final analysis, these giants try to test the majority, and there is no real commercialization of these products and projects. This is why I said in the two UAVs, I seem to see the next big shadow. On these two mysterious drones, love van child (micro signal: is)相关的主题文章: