Every day the ball]16 day NBA injury God sprain ankle-misao

Every day, NBA]16 [surplus ball injury: Zhuangshen sprained his ankle in Beijing on November 17th, the NBA Alliance for 11 regular season games, knights and raptors and other teams are the fighting back to back. The big players have burst injury problems, Knight JR today may not be a truce, tomorrow for the Raptors tomorrow against the warriors, Carol is expected to miss the recurrence of a knee injury. In addition, the pistons center Drummond sprained ankle, tomorrow is expected to play against Nicks. Specifically, the knight and the Raptors pedestria today, tomorrow will be two back-to-back in the face of the enemy, the knight to face the Pacers, nerve knife JR is expected to be playing the Pacers, Paul George successfully out of injuries, is currently the only one person injured stuckey. The Raptors back to the home court facing the warriors, Carol basically ruled out the recurrence of a knee injury tomorrow, in addition, Lin Jie to recuperate, warrior is personnel neat. Just beat the Celtics at the pelican Anthony core team Orlando, Davies back injury, is expected to be playing hurt, another holiday and Evans to a truce, the magic only Meeks a long time. Vs76 wizards, Bill hamstring summer price contract, may not be able to play, but 76 people here, Noel and Ben Simmons still sidelined. The piston away to Nicks, Zhuangshen yesterday before a sprained ankle, tomorrow may continue to miss. West spurs away to challenge the king, Green groin injury recovery, but there is still a truce tomorrow may be, in addition to a neck injury in Gasol, may not be able to play tomorrow. More feature data concern every day surplus ball APP相关的主题文章: