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"Electric scooter brake" – Sohu is still selling technology of small size, intelligence, energy saving card, young fan children, more and more consumers will be electric scooter as a means of transport, but hidden behind a huge security risk. Beijing City Consumers Association (hereinafter referred to as the "association") yesterday released the electric scooter sampling results show that 20 brands of 20 enterprises in the production of electric scooters were almost famous bicycle brand "permanent The whole army was wiped out.," also appeared on the black list, involved the brake performance is poor, high speed, battery capacity and the actual gap the larger, which is currently in the major electricity supplier platform is still hot. The braking distance exceed the standard 1 times brand board Heibang according to the test results, the braking performance is poor and high speed is a serious problem in the detection of electric scooter. According to the general technical requirements of electric bicycles, electric bicycle riding at the highest speed, the dry braking distance should not be greater than 4 meters. After the test, in 20 samples, 1 samples except dry braking distance qualified, 19 samples of dry braking distance is far greater than 4 meters, the brake the longest distance up to 9.9 meters, the sample accounted for 95% of the overall sample. In terms of speed detection, the maximum speed of 16 samples traveling more than 20 kilometers per hour. According to the relevant regulations, the maximum speed electric bicycle is 20 km per hour, while the electric scooter test the fastest speed reached 27 kilometers per hour. City Consumers Association said that the electric scooter brakes when the friction coefficient of small, long braking distance. If the brake brake performance is poor, vulnerable to traffic accidents; at the same time, Electric Scooter Wheels from smaller diameter, poor stability, high speed also easily lead to dangerous. City CaseTrust consumer guidance department deputy director Wu Hailu said, compared to the lack of electric bicycles, electric scooters can effectively protect consumers’ components, risk coefficient on the road more. 20 electric scooter sample acceptance sampling in 20 enterprises in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, involving Shanghai, Guangdong and other provinces and cities, there are permanent and easy tiger, music and other well-known outdoor brands or riding. Find the product price difference price best-selling Beijing Daily reporter survey, the sampling part of electric scooter safety hazards exist, currently in the mainstream business platform is still hot, and the price of 2200-3600 yuan of products, there are thousands of yuan price of products. Beijing Daily reporter inquiries a number of electronic business platform note, compared with two thousand or three thousand yuan high price products, the price is in 500-800 yuan of low-cost electric scooter sales were higher. In a well-known electronic business platform settled merchants "EHO flagship store" as an example, the store price of 2475 yuan in the "genuine E-TIGER electric scooter mini electric car lithium portable folding two wheeled scooter pedal" mentioned in this test, has been off the shelf, but he is still selling its products similar. In contrast, the price of 2276 yuan of "easy tiger lithium battery electric scooter" total sales volume is 15; the price of 769 yuan far相关的主题文章: