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Tea tea family tea treatment simple and effective ten party Sohu health nourishing lung good effect of treatment of our country is one of the common folk, it has a better curative effect, convenient taking, small side effect etc.. Here are ten aspects of tea therapy: [honey tea] with tea 2 grams, boiled water, to be cool after adding honey, 30 grams. When taking the first stir, taken once every half hour, take first rinse the throat, and then swallow the body Liyan Runfei, alleviating pain, for throat thirsty, dry cough without sputum embolism. [sugar tea] with 2 grams of tea, brown sugar, 2 grams, boiled water, after each meal, 1 cups. And a stomach Tongli, Yi Qiao Buzhong effect, suitable for constipation, lower abdomen cold pain, dysmenorrhea. [with] salt tea tea 3 grams, 1 grams of salt, boiling water, drink 4~6 times a day, for a cold cough, fire eyes, toothache disease. [tea] vinegar will be 3 grams of tea with boiling water soak 5 minutes after filtered juice, add 1 ml of vinegar, drink 3 times every day. Cure dysentery, toothache, abdominal pain and other symptoms caused by ascaris. Ginger tea with 10 pieces of ginger and tea, a total of 7 grams of fried, after drinking. Effect of diaphoresis, warm the lung cough, can be used for influenza, colds, typhoid fever, cough and other symptoms. [tea] first with milk, the amount of sugar added to boil, and then press a spoonful of milk two tablespoons of tea juice ratio with boiling water. The consumption of fat has a spleen, refreshing eyesight. [chrysanthemum tea] 3 grams of tea, dried chrysanthemum 5~10 grams, boiled water, drink after a meal every day. With lower heat detoxification, Liver eyesight, antitussive analgesic, lipid-lowering anti-aging effect. [Kudingcha] Kuding tea 5 grams, Radix 10 grams, with boiling water, often drinking, has the effect of heat clearing and detoxifying, shengjinzhike. [three] tea tea 5 grams, 15 grams of honeysuckle, chrysanthemum 10 grams, with boiling water, drink frequently. Has the efficacy of detoxification, refreshing thirst? Heat, summer can often drink. [big] ice sugar tea Sterculia 5 grams, 3 grams of tea, crystal sugar, boiling water, covered with lid, 20 minutes after drinking a small amount of frequency. Heat cough, Runzao laxative effect, suitable for dry cough, hoarseness, dry throat, voice and constipation in patients with drinking. What micro signal sangaook hypertension what hypertension is a group of professional doctors to set up a micro signal, to provide free three protection, health knowledge. Welcome attention. Click "read the original" to see more…相关的主题文章: