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Travel-and-Leisure Staying at the best hotel in Istanbul is sure to give you a taste of the quality of the food in this great city, however make sure that you sample fully the best that Turkey has to offer. Turkish food is far more sophisticated than is usually expected by first time visitors and Istanbul is the place to exceed your expectations. There are several dishes that must be tried in order to experience the true cuisine of this country. The dishes on offer have been influenced by Istanbuls diverse historical heritage from the Ottoman Empire through the many cultures and ethnic groups that have settled in this city throughout history. Each has left their mark on the gastronomic make up of this wonderful cuisine. Mezes will be known to most food lovers as an array of dishes to be picked at and enjoyed. Turkish Mezes include such delights as the popular Circassian chicken along with eggplants cooked in numerous and surprising ways; whatever is in season will be prepared and laid before you. For fish lovers Hamsi is a must; these Black Sea anchovies are either grilled or coated with corn flour and fried. The season for Hamsi is from mid-October until early winter and they are abundantly available in the numerous fish restaurants and meyhanes (taverns). For the meat lover Hunkar Begendi .es from the time of the Ottomans. It is a dish of meltingly soft lamb cooked in a tomato and butter sauce which is served over pureed eggplant. The dilemma you will face will be where to find and eat these mouth-watering dishes. Eating in Istanbul is as diverse as the food. Of course you could choose to head straight for the best hotel in Istanbul but you may prefer to seek out the places where the locals eat. The trend for street food is alive and well in Istanbul and dishes vary from the expected Dnor to wonderful pastry delicacies such as Brek which consist of layer after layer of flaky pastry stuffed with a variety of fillings such as cheese, spinach or minced meat. If you like to eat where the locals eat you should head for one of the markets in Istanbul. Throughout the world where theres a market there will be a restaurant and the Grand Bazaar is no exception. Many of the smaller restaurants here cater for the locals who work or shop in the Bazaar and they offer some of the best value and most authentic food available in the city. Venture away from the main thoroughfares and into the narrow side streets and you will find restaurants serving wonderful food such as dolmas and kebabs. If your tastes run to a more upmarket experience you should visit one of the beautiful roof top restaurants that abound in Istanbul. Looking out over the Bosphorus as you tuck into a wonderful Turkish feast must be one of the best ways to spend a leisurely afternoon or a moonlit evening. Whether you choose to eat in the best hotel in Istanbul, sample the street food or eat with the locals you will be sure to be pleasantly surprised by the diversity and quality of Turkish food. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: