Drag a psychotic woman boy boy Samaritan rescued children jinshen

Drag a psychotic woman boy boy Samaritan rescued children original title: Fuzhou a psychotic woman dragged the boy a boy Samaritan rescued children red woman boy will be down to the ground. Yesterday, a netizen in the micro-blog report, the day before yesterday afternoon, Jinan District Gushan one entrance, a woman forced to drag a boy, the boy will fall to the ground. After the incident, several passers-by restrained, a school sports freshman boys came to save the boy. From the monitoring video provided by users, the reporter saw a young man wearing a red shirt, black pants forcibly dragged a six or seven year old boy, the boy tried to resist. A woman can not directly control the boy, he threw himself to the ground, the pressure on him for about a minute. When the woman saw the boy unable to resist, he got up and dragged him away. "Out of several hundred meters from the village, a little boy crying on the road." Micro-blog’s friends told reporters that the boy has been on the woman shouted: you are not my mother, what do you hold me?" After hearing the help, a woman passing through the car immediately stop the alarm. College student Wen Yining escort children to find parents. Mr. Wen told reporters, many passers-by stop the woman in red, a young man approached the woman away, rescued the boy, and the boy returned to the community, to parents. Drag the child’s woman saw someone intervene on the panic." Mr. Wen said that the woman is the first confrontation with the crowd, see everyone, especially the brave behavior of young people, but also lying on the ground motionless. Subsequently, the police arrived, the woman away. Yesterday, the reporter contacted the courage to save the young man, his name is Wen Yining, just 19 years old, is a freshman in Career Technical College, Fujian sports. "I didn’t think too much, I feel that I am practicing sports, should be able to tame each other." Wen Yining said. Reporters learned that the boy was rescued chest scars, the boy’s family and the red woman did not know. After the incident, the police immediately involved. After investigation, the red woman from Jiangxi, more than and 20 years old, suffering from mental illness. Currently, the woman has been sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. (reporter Li Zhibo Text users for map) source: Fuzhou evening news editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: