Dongfeng Nissan technology more fun design salon held in Shanghai ajviewer

The design of Dongfeng Nissan technology more fun the salon held in Shanghai in September 10th, Dongfeng Nissan joint shell network in Shanghai 1933 old millfun Creative Park held a science and technology more fun the solution of FUN · when design encounters technology theme salon. As a series of science technology project of Dongfeng Nissan more fun salon, Dongfeng Nissan in the "safety first" as the theme, share NISSAN i-SAFETY, automatic driving intelligent security technology advanced, this period is from the integration of design and technology of the senior designer and automotive engineer, to explore how the integration of design and technology changes in people’s daily life and life of the car. The salon is invited to the Beijing art brand director, senior media creative Li Mengxia, former senior Rococo design consultant, Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts master Li Xi and Dongfeng Nissan Passenger vehicle body development minister Zhou Feng vehicle technical center three guests, they were in their own senior industry experience and unique insights on the design and technology, display a "encounter design technology" of the collision event for spectators brain hole. When the design meets science and technology, Dongfeng Nissan black technology to change the life of the car salon with a guest lecture and interactive discussion form. The guests through the easy to understand language, fun and interesting examples and professional interpretation, for the audience to show the integration of design and technology, automotive engineering design, such as the mystery of interesting knowledge. Beijing art brand director, Li Mengxia senior media creative people worked for many international brands to provide creative services, he thought of life aesthetics design and technology revolution is taking place, the collision sparks are gradually penetrated into our life, his own experience, such as high-tech knowledge, live hotel costs thirty thousand fun retro installation switch and so on, analyzes the scientific and humanized design of magic to the audience. Before the Rococo senior design consultant, Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts master Li Xi from the street of small restaurants and other small card design examples introduced, functional design, technical design and service design knowledge science. In his quiet design Nissan as an example, from the functional design and technical design category, analyzes human body, mute Quan Weichao ANC active noise reduction technology design and comfort, and expressed appreciation for the Nissan innovation in automotive engineering design. Dongfeng Nissan Passenger car technology center, Zhou Feng, Minister of the Department of development that good design must be able to bring a good life for consumers to enjoy, especially like the time to accompany people to travel car. Activities, he introduced the Dongfeng Nissan in mute design, driving control design and ergonomic seat design black technology, to show the audience how these design is to bring consumers a better car life. "Comfort to win consumer recognition Dongfeng Nissan in the comfort of the design has always been excellence," said Minister Zhou Feng. In the quiet design, Dongfeng Nissan respectively from the two aspects of passive and active noise and sound insulation, double suction through the bottom of the vehicle insulation materials, strengthen the soundproof glass, double suction ultra quiet body full dimensional sound insulation ceiling of 6 structure together to create, with ANC active noise control system, ASC active voice.相关的主题文章: