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Don’t only care about the harm of salt will damage the health of the baby, really is it Sohu maternal many mothers special care within 1 years old baby to salt, the home of the elderly in the baby to do the cooking time add a little salt would be particularly nervous, for fear of harm to the baby’s health! In fact, the daily seasoning, the greater the impact on health is not salt, but oil! Give your baby what to eat is directly related to the baby’s health and intelligence! Why do you say that? Before we explain this question, let’s first look at how our bodies are getting fat. Oil is fat. It is the most efficient and the most precious of all nutrients! The fat molecules in the atomic arrangement of super smart, it contains 2 times as much energy as carbohydrate or protein of equal quality. Our body can not do without fat, it protects our nerves. Every nerve in the body is wrapped outside a layer of fat, it’s like outside wires are sheathed in a plastic protective sleeve. Under the protection of fat, our nerves will be so sharp, thinking will be agile. The development of the baby’s body, brain and nerve development needs fat participation, it is an important source of energy for the baby, if the baby fat is rich in linoleic acid, linolenic acid, the baby will be more intelligent, more and more healthy immunity. It is because fat is so special, so we not only use the body, the consumption of fat has special requirements, the absorption of fat is not the same as other foods, there is a special channel. Fat is not soluble in water, if it is with other food, through the intestinal villi wall absorption into the blood, then we will soon be blocked capillaries, even though it’s a bit bigger in the blood, fat will be like soup vegetable oil as floating, so that our body will out of the situation. So our body fat absorption way than through the intestinal villi wall into blood vessels, but through the lymphatic system. Lymphatic and blood vessels is one of the best partner, every blood vessel next to a lymphatic, even in the small intestine the smallest capillary is the same, it had a root lymph duct. They carry out their duties, is responsible for the thick red blood vessel nutrients to every tissue of the body, and thin, translucent lymphatic vessels are responsible for recycling pump into the liquid from various tissues, delivery of immune cells, to ensure that every body of work in order. Lymph nodes throughout the body, but it basically just vascular foil, but lymph in the small intestine is no longer fit, it is the protagonist. Here, all of the lymphatic vessels are brought together, turned into a large lymphatic vessels, to meet all the layers of digestion to reach the fat here. This large lymphatic duct is the thoracic duct! It can tell us why good fats are so important to the human body, and bad fats are so bad. We are in a meal after meal, the fat is absorbed to the thoracic duct lymph together, because of a suspension of the fatty oil droplets showed milk white, like milk. Here is the starting point of the thoracic duct, called chyle pool. The thoracic duct through the diaphragm from chylocyst to arc, finally arrived in the heart. No one相关的主题文章: