Diablo 3 1.05 Witch Doctor F.otten Skills-pretty rhythm

Games Diablo 3 1.05 Witch Doctor forgotten skills 1.05 from just the beginning all the way to the difficulty of the test, to gradually depending on skills with and reduce the rate of flutter Street, why they want to send this post to discuss with you, consulting and learning, after all, I was halfway decent, and jars, countless dead king level the old players. 105 I 4PP difficulty no problem, as previously pushed, 4PP difficulty more obviously blue is not enough, so change to acid rain anymore, after all fees blue but the attack force to the force is no longer so (previously 2,3 for lying on a screen now a blue to achieve the same level). With a predictable and drug widow addition, Blue no problem, sure enough, so how more efficiency to be.e heart think, test a few skills, found particularly useful, as you know also talk about the experience, do not know ‘s true you can try. 1, witchcraft – doomed This skill even without a corresponding passive, almost. . . . . Seamless, to deal with a small amount of elite Han absolute called Acura – key materials including swaps boss .rades. The elite usually seen first hard to force the resistance to a line with the spirit what mobs almost dead, began almost equal playing stakes and, most importantly, increased 20% damage, looks like a vampire suck more encountered anti-injury more strange and more relaxed. . . 2, fear – fear incarnation Seemingly Bear attack narrowed down to push the bear when the terrain more demanding, and it simply is that almost always best to step aside or angle, but the problem is. . . Often hit the lethal – Spirit line cooling can not get out, so this skill one, or almost equal to clear the scene, a bad place is some strange run too far too fast. . . The reason is simple fear incarnation Rune feel a lot better a lot, including Magda little brothers face of the knife Lord Daniel and hammer of blame. 3, groups of confusion – uncertain realm earthquake drink groups, confusion and delusions This skill is absolutely the best of the best, the few groups of control, including all elite as well as the fall of the elite of the key materials. Have a chance to fool the enemy, confused 12 seconds after you hit. The first Rune allows cooling faster, when .bined with the corresponding passive on faster mismatch also soon. . . Personal feeling, kill elite speed will be slower Original CD time almost wave elite by at least once, so you can not have the first Rune. The second Rune is not be confused Halo 3 seconds, up 6 so doing, basically equal to the surrounding control once. Most NB is optimistic about the opportunity is well off BOSS skills test, are the purgatory machine in the BOSS (Skeleton King and the like), do not eat confused, eat dizziness, temporary control, and so the good stuff. The third Rune harm, cut each face of the knife Lord. . . Really cool. . . They cut the cool, let’s look cool. Due to the relatively tense time, did not test a lot of fun skills, you have been tested, or you experience not pass the secret heart witch, if they wish to teach, Thanks a million. Finally, said the experience of several hit material. A2, boss hood, after you find the boss, from far, far away from the screen to only see a small part of the cover. . . If you run around the spider, such as poison widow skills as much as possible to the most distant still see it? Spider fight the boss, but the BOSS not move till I die. Initially see a small bug. A3’s boss is really difficult to play, I like to beat him in a small space, stay away, a spiritual line in the past, put a group of disorder, confusion, then, Zhan Zhuang playing, dizzy, put change Desktop Wallpaper Zhan Zhuang then hit, even if luck is not dead 1,2,3 times also almost the same. Wel.e To MMolive World of Warcraft Gold Store. Cheapest Gold For WOW, Buy RS Gold ,Cheap Runescape Gold,Maplestory Mesos,Diablo 3 Item Online. Buy Warcraft Gold Within Seconds,Safe,Fast,Cheap Only in mmolive..! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: