Creative Marketing Ideas – 5 Unstoppable Top Tips To Beat Your

Business Are you struggling to think of creative marketing ideas to promote your business? It can be hard, but here are 5 fresh ideas to get your creative juices flowing again. They each show how treating your customers as individuals and personalising the way you do business with them can really make an impact on customer retention. Did you know? – Research shows that it costs you 6-8 times as much to gain a new customer as to keep an existing one, so don’t let your customers slip away! An excellent way to make your customers feel special is to personalise your .munications with them. You know yourself that if a business you are dealing with takes the trouble to know you by name, it makes you feel that bit more special; that bit more appreciated. You may feel that personalisation is too much trouble or too expensive for your business, but take a look at these ideas before you dismiss it out of hand: 1. Shortly after a customer has purchased from you, send them a personalised note, offering them (by name) the chance to buy again at a discount (with an expiration date so that it does not just get filed away). Make it clear that this is a special deal, just for them, as a thank-you for doing business with you. 2. If you know the customer’s date of birth from your records, why not send them a birthday card? For the cost of a card and a stamp, you have brightened their day and put your business back in front of their eyes. 3. When a customer buys from your business, send a thank-you note. Not an email, or a pre-printed, anonymous, .puter-generated card but a real postcard or brief letter. Hand write the note if possible, thanking them for their custom, with enough detail that they can see you really know what they bought and that the thank you is genuine. 4. Make a note of the first time you do business with a customer, and send them a card on the anniversary of that date, maybe offering them a special deal on a repeat purchase. 5. Offer your customers the chance to join a free online "club" and send out regular newsletters announcing your latest product or service, offering special deals on slow-moving lines, or giving loyalty bonuses to club members. You might run a .petition, with one of your products or services as the prize; you could offer an incentive for the best "bright idea" from a customer on how you could improve your business. The customers will feel special, you will be able to collect information about them, you might get some good ideas from them, and you will have a ready-made mailing list for product or service promotions. Try brainstorming ideas with your employees – there are loads more ways that personalising your service can generate repeat business and help you retain good customers. These are just a few creative marketing ideas to help you get started. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: