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Courseware: abandon old ideas, scientific confinement. We must grasp the three essentials – Sohu last week attended a small series of maternal and child hospital experts (specifically not to mention, to avoid suspicion advertising ^_^) held the pregnant class, these two days have been busy, no time to sort out, now release the essence of finishing PPT pictures, for reading. The key part of the essence of PPT courseware pictures are as follows: 1, 24 hours postpartum postpartum nursing bed rest maternal childbirth postpartum a lot of hard, very tired, that within 24 hours of bed rest, after the amount of indoor activities, early activity can promote lochia flow, is conducive to the uterus recovery, urination and defecation of the smooth road, and may prevent pelvic or lower extremity venous thrombosis. However, it is necessary to ensure adequate sleep and rest, in particular, can not engage in any heavy manual labor, in order to avoid uterine prolapse. 2, the importance of post natal diet is very important, the first day to eat light digestible food. Diet is full of nutrition, maintain enough heat for the principle, should not eclipse. Breastfeeding mothers should eat more high protein food and soup, and add the appropriate vitamins and iron. At the same time, women can drink brown sugar water, brown sugar is rich in nutrients. 3, as soon as possible after self urination postpartum urine volume increased, as soon as possible to avoid self urination, swollen bladder prevent uterine contraction. If the 6~8 hours after birth is still unable to urinate, postpartum uterine fundus up to above the level of the umbilicus, or at the bottom of the palace to the upper reaches of the cystic mass, are shown to have urinary retention. 4, postpartum easy constipation due to bed rest, intestinal peristalsis weakened, perineal wound pain, constipation. Constipation should be taken more and more fruit spinach containing more cellulose or Enema Glycerini, soapy water enema, hemorrhoids should prevent constipation. 5, timely postpartum lactating postpartum half an hour to start breastfeeding, such as nipple fouling, and should be hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly after each feeding, both before and after use warm towel to wipe the nipple and breast相关的主题文章: