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Comment: "parents of students not only support is to review responsibility – Sohu Vice Minister of Ministry of civil affairs Zou Ming said North South policy at the State Department briefing on the 19 day, the individual migrant workers lack of parental guardianship responsibility consciousness, rarely go home to visit and stay at home children, even" not only support ", cause some left behind children’s physical and mental health development has been seriously damaged, to fulfill the responsibility of guardianship in accordance with the law, migrant parents if the circumstances are serious or cause serious consequences, must be held accountable in accordance with the law. The left-behind children, the Spring Festival means and their parents, is one of the most warm, the most happy time; however, let a person feel cruel is that one of the Spring Festival, the children of the village will again to restore the "left behind" identity. These days, the boy said, "you can’t do this to me" the scene of mother crying, tears many emotions, respectively after the reunion, like downtown after the cold, let people sad, despair. Fortunately, the monkey at the beginning of the year, the central government has issued a document to focus on solving the social problems of left-behind children. The "opinions" of the State Council on strengthening the rural left-behind children care for the protection of the work of the issuance of the implementation, to the country shows the central problem about solving the left-behind children confidence, determination and specific suggestions and measures. Of course, the complexity of problems left behind children, I’m afraid not we imagine so simple. It needs a long process, also need a lot of work to do meticulous. What should the government do, what to do in the society, schools and teachers should do what, parents should take what kind of role, the "opinions" also basically put forward many new expressions. However, when the "not only raise" problems will be accountable, many users believe that the government has put the blame to the migrant workers. Some netizens questioned, is two yuan in urban and rural areas system especially the problems and kidnapping in the above household welfare system, which leads to the emergence of left-behind children, parents in crime. Both students and support for many migrant workers, are likely to be the big problem. Both students and parents can only lead to raise, or to return to the rural home, or to take the children to go to the big city together. A responsibility, I do not play a role. This is true. But in fact, the government stressed the responsibility not only support ", is entirely reasonable existence context. Specifically, including two. A person accountable only occurs in problems especially serious problems or serious consequences; two, responsibility not only support ", is not simply in the solution of moral problems, but has sufficient legal basis. "Protection of Minors Act and other relevant laws, have the relevant provisions on the guardian. No problem be ignored is that in many poor areas and backward areas, many parents are "only do not raise". In many unqualified parents family concept, does not exist completely does not have the responsibility of guardianship, guardianship consciousness. The children in poor areas, parents who meet Dutch act suffocated events in the trash, and some did not go out to work, some work in recent years, also do not want to return to the countryside, completely forgotten children…… The government is accountable, these people. .

评论:对父母“只生不养”就是要追责-搜狐评论  济北南   民政部副部长邹铭19日在国务院政策吹风会上表示,个别外出务工父母缺乏监护责任意识,很少回家看望和联系在家留守的子女,甚至是“只生不养”,造成一些留守儿童身心健康发展受到了严重的损害,对不依法履行监护责任,情节严重或者造成严重后果的外出务工父母,必须要依法追究其责任。   对留守儿童而言,春节意味着和父母团聚,是一年之中最温馨、最幸福的时刻;然而,让人感觉残酷的是,春节一过,这些乡村孩子就要再次还原“留守”身份。这几天,那个男孩对妈妈哭喊着说“你们不能这样对我”的场景,撕裂了许多人情感,团聚之后的分别,犹如繁华过后的冷落一样,让人伤悲,让人绝望。   值得庆幸,猴年伊始,中央政府便发文重点关注到解决留守儿童这一社会性问题上。《国务院关于加强农村留守儿童关爱保护工作的意见》的印发实施,向国人展示了中央关于解决留守儿童问题的信心、决心以及具体意见和措施。当然了,留守儿童问题之复杂程度,恐怕绝非我们想象的这么简单。它既需要一个漫长的过程,也需要大量细致入微的工作去做。政府该做什么,社会该做什么,学校及老师该做什么,父母该承担什么样的角色,《意见》中也基本都提出了许多新的表述。   可是,当看到“只生不养”出现问题将被追责时,许多网友认为政府又把责任推还给了外出务工者。有网友质疑,是城乡二元体制尤其是户籍及绑架在上面的福利制度存在问题,才导致了留守儿童的出现,罪不在父母。既生又养对于许多外出务工者而言,可能都是天大的难题。既生且养只能导致,或者父母回到农村老家,或者要把孩子带到大城市去一起流浪。一味的追责,恐怕根本起不到应有的作用。   此言不虚。不过其实,政府强调追责“只生不养”,完全有合理存在的语境。具体来说,包括两点。一者,追责只发生在出现问题尤其是严重问题或严重后果时;二者,追责“只生不养”,不简单是在解决道德问题,而是有充分的法律依据。《未成年人保护法》等相关法律,也都有关于监护人监护职责的相关规定。   更无可忽视的现实问题是,在许多贫困地区、落后地区,许多父母就是“只生不养”。在许多不合格父母的家庭概念中,完全不存在监护责任,也不具备监护意识。贫困地区儿童相约自杀、在垃圾桶里被闷死等事件中那些父母,有的并没有外出打工,有的在外打工,几年也不想回到农村,完全忘记了儿女……政府要追责的,就是这些人。   留守儿童的问题,制度因素、社会因素都不可回避。但只强调制度和社会因素,而不明确法律所规定的父母职责,就是一种矫情。事事怪体制,事事寄希望于长久的改革,往往容易忽略个案,也往往无法从根本上解决问题。概言之,解决6000万留守儿童问题,父母之责从来都不应该缺位,而且其他因素也不应成为父母逃脱责任的挡箭牌。相关的主题文章: