Chinese Internet users daily typing 35 billion love live more like a red envelope

Chinese Internet users daily typing 35 billion love to live more like the red envelopes of the information age "input" has become the most common daily life scenes, and "dear" is the most commonly used title of Internet folk. Recently, Sogou input method of large data joint team of Renmin University of China journalism and Social Development Research Center released the "report" the evolution of information production and emotional value structure China netizen, heat input Sogou input method based on the "report" based on the statistics in recent years a series of input data, showing China users change of social concept in public areas and special groups, social relations, and then highlight the socialist core values of social cognition. From the release of the report, from the first to meet the basic needs of the user input text Sogou input method, and then to now voice input upgrades and cross-border services, through big data and artificial intelligence technology, make hundreds of millions of Internet users become richer, more wisdom in expression and access to information, but also in the Internet the production of information, social discourse expression and emotional communication plays an important value. Love live, love red envelopes to the release of the "China users of information production and emotional value structure evolution report", it can be said that the first time from the input data, with the change of production behavior Chinese users of information and content, features, Chinese users private and public sector special people and social relations and socialist core values four outline dimensions, change Chinese public opinion. According to statistics, at the behavioral level, the total number of users daily China typing as much as 35 billion, 20062016 years, ten years, the average annual total of 127750 typing million words, including 22 in the evening before the stage, is the most active users typing all day long time, social networking sites (App) with a ratio of more than 90%, occupy the largest share users often landing site or App. The past five years, "live, red envelopes, Shuabing" is the highest degree of network behavior of Internet users mentioned, and "dear" has become the most commonly used network folk appellation. At the content level, women are more interested in using emoticons, gossip and feelings, while men are more likely to be political. An interesting phenomenon is that in the private topic, love is still the core of the work in second, shopping is the first core areas in addition to maintaining social networks. The report of the four generation network network behavior has given data, after 00, 80 love entertainment and social performance for the search and read the news, after the 70 is pragmatism, love browsing news and connect with others. It can be said that the report uses big data to tell the behavior and emotional behavior of Internet users. This forum has attracted many scholars and politicians and industry representatives to participate, and also on the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence technology to emerging public opinion research opportunities and challenges, conducted extensive and in-depth discussion. Sogou input method to 2016 has built ten years, along with the development of the Internet, has become an observer and participant, mission participation is the product and technology innovation, at the same time, we also see the rapid development of network culture..相关的主题文章: